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So I am all charged-up, excited and curious to start writing my new blog (perhaps the first real blog). I used to have a couple of blogs around Six years ago but I never really could update those properly.



Slumdog Success:

I spent most of the first half at office watching the Oscars online (refreshing the to be precise). I relished every single moment of this grand congregation. I loved watching Kate Winslet receiving her First Oscar trophy for her enchanting performance in The Reader. It was apparent how Kate waited for the gold statuettes after having been nominated five times in the past but never getting awarded. Her emotional speech only increased my respect for the great actor. 

But there was something special about Oscars this year for every Indian, the 10 nominations of Slumdog Millionaire. My colleagues and I celebrated every single win of Slumdog. Slumdog finally settled it’s winning streak with staggering eight oscars in it’s kitty with The Best Director and The Best Movie awards. Twin success of our very own A. R. Rehman was the most delightful and satisfactory thing for me (like most Indians).

Like every success story, Slumdog also recieved a lot of praise and adulations from it’s audience. But there are others who are not so impressed with the award winning movie. It made me think about the reason behind the disapproval of our Indian critiques, then I realised how could the criques let this opportunity go without finding flaws and the alleged influential reasons behind the success of this Indian story.

The Jealous: Well not to mention our very own Bollywood has a bunch of people who could not digest the grand success of this flick. The criticism was mainly out of sheer jealousy.  

A friend of mine argued today that this was definitely not the best performance of AR Rehman and he has given way better works than Jai Ho and why he didn’t get an oscar for those songs. Well, my explaination was a cross-question that answered my friend’s question, “Were those movies nominated amongst the best ENGLISH movies for the oscars?
The answer is NO. Slumdog is not a Hindi movie that has won 8 oscars. It cud never. The very simple reason is that a foreign language movie can only be nominated for maximum one award i.e. Best Foreign Language movie.
This is precisely the reason why our very own Hindi movies don’t get the oscars because they DO NOT compete with the English movies. They have to compete with movies from all over the world.

It would be unfair to compare our Hindi movies with any oscar winning English movie and say that the Hindi movie was better than the Oscar winning English movie so why Hindi movie was nt given the Oscar.
People don’t understand the basic differences before making an argument.

Danny Boyle was an advantage to the Slumdog’s Oscar success because he could market it well but is the movie really so bad that we should criticize it so severely? I don’t think so. I’ve seen two of the other four movies as well and those are really gud movies. But i dont think any movie was so great as against Slumdog that Slumdog’s success should surprise me. A lot of my friends said they liked the other movies (the competitors) better than our very own Slumdog Millionaire. So the obvious question was why is Slumdog being preferred against its competitors.
Recently, a close friend of mine asked me the same question. My answer was, “It’s exotic for them”. Americans and Brits are finding the movie as a shocking reality of life which seems quite an ordinary, everyday story to us. The information about slums resonates differently to the Western world since unlike us they are not conditioned to this stuff.

~ by pankajsingla9 on February 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Getting Started”

  1. Hi Pankaj,
    I completely agree to your thoughts. If we can have few more guys like you in our country we could perhaps avoid many more useless controversies.You are very right when you say that there cannot possibly be any controversy as to whether some of our Hindi movies are even better deserving masterpieces than some of its English counterparts. And the simple reason is that a movie made in any damn language other than English cannot ever be considered for Oscars and its best fate is to get elected as a best Foreign movie. I can write pages on this issue but I think its better to held up for now until someone writes anything in contradiction…..Again man…I really appreciate your reasoning.

  2. slumdog was an excellent movie. Kudos to the team. nice perspective on its popularity

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