A few good companies

It was only yesterday when I cursed Dell India for their slow customer care services. My laptop’s battery suddenly stopped charging (which meant it was dead) this Sunday. I could contact the customer support only on Monday since they do not work on weekends (Now I know why my friend who is working with Dell call center for past 4-5 years doesn’t want to quit). I called up the customer support on Monday and was surprised (not pleasantly) when I had to wait for 32 minutes unsuccessfully before I could finally talk to the Technical Support representative. This was my third call by the way. On the top of it when I finally got to talk to the tech support I was informed that I needed to be near my system (for what? How do they repair the battery online?). This definitely bugged me like mad (It was a damn Monday on the top of it). Another thing that surprised me was the fake US accent of the young girl who answered my call. Why on earth would you fake US accent to your Indian customers? Maybe Dell India likes to keep their employees believing that they work for an International call center. Or, they don’t discriminate in terms of accent.

Finally I decided to leave early from office around 3:30 since I was not keeping well and I had already completed my work. I contacted the Dell India Tech Support department again (luckily I didn’t have to wait for 32 minutes this time). A very friendly guy (I can never remember names btw) answered my call and asked me the detailed like the Service Tag (Insurance number of my Laptop) and Battery serial number etc. I was again surprised when he asked me to download a BIOS driver from Dellsupport.com. This time I actually asked him, “How does a BIOS driver fix my dead battery? Why don’t you guys just send me a new battery because I know nothing else is going to work?” He smiled candidly and informed me that according to their standard procedures he was required to do so. Finally after all the drama he reached the conclusion that my Laptop’s battery needed to be replaced (Free of cost of course, I didn’t pay extra money for the complete insurance cover without scratching my head). The Tech Support guy informed me that I should be getting the new battery tomorrow or latest by Wednesday. I knew that’s how these people give false assurance (after all they get paid for it). I convinced myself to wait for a week or so.

Tuesday: I was in my office sitting in my cubical pretending to work like my colleagues when the security guy informed me about the Dell guy waiting outside for me. I was surprised at how quickly and efficiently these guys could work. My perception about Dell India has changed again. I have started believing again that there are a few good companies who actually care about their customers. Or, maybe I should be thanking the global slowdown for better customer services. They definitely don’t want to lose their permanent customers during recession.  

~ by pankajsingla9 on February 24, 2009.

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