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The movie has been doing rounds for the power packed performance of Kate Winslet. Kate Winslet plays the role of a strong, empty, lonely and emotional woman named Hanna Schmitz. Hanna is a ticket collector in the state run tram in Heidelberg, Germany. With World War II over, Germany, in 1958, is still recovering. The first half of this film unfolds with such artful eroticism and chilling atmosphere that I couldn’t help but be ensnared, like Michael (David Kross), by the complex creature that is Hanna Schmitz. Hanna starts seducing Michael, a young pubescent teenager. The forbidden affair intensifies when Michael begins reading literature to the distant, lonely Hanna. The story takes a twist when Hanna suddenly leaves emotionally devastated Michael and disappears. I think the director Stephen Daldry could have done a better job during the first half of the movie which seems a bit unaligned and too unreal to believe. I would not imagine any young woman bathing in front of the main entry of her house (that too without bolting it). Another scene that I could not digest was when Michael comes to thank Hanna and enters her house for the first time. Hanna is busy ironing her lingerie and doesn’t even ask the guy to sit (in fact she doesn’t even look at him). Maybe that was intended to make Hanna’s character appear stronger but the director failed miserably there. The movie starts getting serious and complex in the second half. I found the second half to be excellent. This is where things start getting real complex and intense. One can’t afford to miss a single moment of the second half of the movie. The movie reflects the emotions that probably all of us carry inside ourselves. During Hanna’s trial for Nazi crimes she doesn’t reveal a shameful secret that could save her from going to prison. My favorite scene in the movie was when Old Michael (Ralph Fiennes) goes to meet Hanna in the prison. Hanna has grown very old She still calls him ‘kid’. Hanna gets up when Michael is about to leave. She is expecting a hug from Michael which she doesn’t get (Michael is too emotional and confused to do so). Kate Winslet was at her best when she performed this particular scene. The intense look of desire to be hugged in her eyes is just magical. Kate truly deserves what she’s got for her enthralling performance in the movie. I would rate the movie 8/10.

~ by pankajsingla9 on February 25, 2009.

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