Walnut Brownie & Cappuccino

barista-coffee-cup2There is nothing better than having a mug of good cappuccino on a weekend especially when you are tired after shopping. I’ve always been a big fan of Barista Cappuccino. Costa coffee is another place where you can expect a mug of cappuccino that actually tastes like cappuccino and not just any coffee. The big reason probably is that both these places have done enough research to have gained the culinary skills to prepare cappuccino. There are three very basic steps to make the perfect cup of cappuccino. Cappuccino is an espresso filled with 2 types of heated milk, i.e. the steamed milk and the frothed milk. And, it is the frothed milk that gives cappuccino that classic look and it is also the “so difficult” frothing that lead world coffee bodies in using the froth to evaluate the skills of baristas. Barista is an Italian word that refers to the person who makes coffee. The proportion of cappuccino is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 heated milk and 1/3 frothed milk. The coffee beans need to be roasted on a particular temperature for a very particular time period in order to get the proper coffee powder for cappuccino. I know it for a fact how my favorite coffee shop Barista takes care of all these things while making a perfect cup of cappuccino.

Last weekend I went to Barista after a couple of weeks time. I was tired after shopping and I wanted to relax and get refreshed sipping my favorite cappuccino. So I ordered my favorite Walnut Brownie and Barista Cappuccino (they have three cappuccinos, Lavazza and Illy are the other two). They serve Lavazza cappuccino by default if you don’t specify which cappuccino you want. Well if you ever went to Barista and found the cappuccino to be ordinary, now you know the reason why. The guy who took my order asked me politely what I wanted to eat. I repeated my order and I noticed the surprised look on his face. He politely said, “Sir, we don’t have walnut brownie. Would you like to try Mr. Fudge or Double Chocó Chip Brownie?” I couldn’t believe that because I could see my favorite Walnut Brownie in the display box. I wanted to yell at the guy taking the order and just before I could do it, I noticed that they had changed the name of Walnut Brownie to Mr. Fudge, The Brownie. WTF? Well, that’s what my first reaction was. Why would you want to change the name of a brownie? Well the simple answer could be, maybe because Barista is no more an Indian company (Chennai-based Sterling Infotech Group) and Lavazza want to rename every product according to its own conventions. I tried checking what Lavazza calls its Walnut Brownies in Italy but couldn’t understand their Italian site. Now this much change is inevitable in the era of globalization and Shakespeare once said, “What’s in the name”. Though for me it’ll always be a Barista Walnut Brownie.

~ by pankajsingla9 on February 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Walnut Brownie & Cappuccino”

  1. I absolutely love the walnut brownie!. Yuuuuummmm!

  2. I was just asking before I would post, can I have permission to copy and paste this onto my wordpress blog?
    ~Thanks 🙂

    • Well…. I would suggest that you could write another post based on the same theme, and you are free to take ideas or a few lines from my post. Please don’t copy paste the entire post. I spent a lot of time collecting that information; use the information but remember to give the reference to my blog for the same. Hope that answers your questions…..

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