Delhi Trip – Part I

The increasing humidity in Mumbai was the reason I was turning into an irritated fiend. Thankfully, I was scheduled to visit Punjab to attend my cousin’s wedding. I was really excited about my trip to Delhi and Punjab especially after I gained the knowledge about the fact that my cousin got a bottle of French wine from Belgium for me.

 My ticket was booked for 27th Feb. My flight was scheduled to leave at 7:30 am from Mumbai airport. So I took an auto rickshaw around 6 am for the airport (One good thing about Mumbai is the availability of auto rickshaws at any time of the day).

I was flying with Jet Lite and my experience with Jet Lite had not been very pleasant so far. Last time I was travelling with Jet Lite from Delhi to Mumbai, I got delayed by freaking 6 hours. But that was the cheapest option for me when I was booking my tickets. I learned that my flight was delayed by 20 minutes which was not too bad. I spent that time by having my favorite walnut brownie and Cappuccino at the airport.

It was a Boeing 737-800 plane with nice leather (or at least look alike leather) seats, I guess the most comfortable seats in any domestic airline. As I took my seat (21A) I learned that seat 21 B and C were vacant and I get to sit alone. Yuppie! Well that’s what my reaction was. I couldn’t be happier as I hate to travel in a crowded flight. This is the first time when I actually noticed the dress of Jet Lite flight attendants so carefully, probably because one of the flight attendant had a very pleasant personality as she greeted everyone with a full smile on her face (which is usually fake but this girl made it look real). It’s a blue Sari that has been given a fine professional touch. I think Indian women look really pretty in Sari (of course if they can carry it well).

I reached domestic terminal of IGI airport at around 10:15 and it was 10:30 by the time I came out of the airport. My flight was extremely comfortable and relaxing. I have never felt so relaxed before, while flying. My train for Mansa (Punjab) leaves at 13:10 from Delhi 6 (Old Delhi station). So I had around 2 hours and 30 mins. in my hand. I took a prepaid cab to CP (Connaught Place). I can’t imagine going to Delhi and not visiting CP. As a habit I always go to CP first from the airport and have breakfast in Barista (outer circle). This time I didn’t have much time and since I had already had my breakfast coffee at the Mumbai airport, I decided not to go to Barista directly. I went to Keventers (inner circle). I had my favorite Butter-Scotch milk shake and Kathi Kebab. I always wonder why that guy gives such a huge bottle of milk shake. I could not finish the bottle for the first time. Maybe my appetite is dying because I live in Mumbai now. Some might just wonder how come Mumbai affects your appetite. Well, it does. I don’t know the exact reason but it actually does. My friend Sudarshan is an exception though. He is one person who can easily eat two medium size Dominos cheese burst pizzas and still want to have one chicken satellite sizzler. I stop at two pizzas.

I took a metro to Delhi 6 from CP. I think Old Delhi railway station is the most beautiful and grand railway station in India after Chhatrapati shivaji terminus, CST in Mumbai (also known as Victoria Terminus, VT). I always prefer traveling from New Delhi railway station because it has only 14 platforms (comparatively smaller and less complex as compared to Old Delhi railway station with 18 platforms).

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