Development led behavioural changes

As I was boarding the metro from CP (Rajiv Chowk) to Vishawvidyalya (Delhi University, North Campus), I noticed people queuing up to board the metro, a civic sense that didn’t exist so commonly 4 years ago when the underground metro was started. The major metro stations were a mess as people behaved in uncivilized manner and boarding the metro was no easier than boarding the Mumbai local. People behaved themselves inside the train though. Delhi Metro administration decided to educate the commuters to stop this mess. The constant announcements on the stations, platforms and inside the trains requesting the commuters to queue up while boarding and disembarking was a great step towards inculcating some civic sense in the commuters. The practice still continues and is proving to be extremely effective. Delhi has come a long way from being the most polluted city in India to the cleanest city of our country. delhimetro

The development has really worked towards civilizing the face of the city and the same has led to the behavioral changes in the people of Delhi. I noticed a visible change in the attitude of Delhi people towards the city. Delhi people understand their responsibilities and duties towards the city now.

The change in the city infrastructure and the attitude of people has only made Delhi a better place to live. This proves the fact that a lot can be achieved if the government and the common people work together for the betterment of a city and the nation. I think the State government has done a fabulous job to improve the condition of our Rajdhani (Capital city).

What makes Delhi a great city is not only the finest infrastructure in India but the changed attitude of the residents of Delhi.  This should serve as a great learning example for other big cities of our country.

~ by pankajsingla9 on March 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Development led behavioural changes”

  1. This civic sense…such a welcome change !! Thanx for highlighting this in your blog.

    • You are welcome Navpreet. Any suggestions from your side or a post would be a big welcome!!!

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