The Wrestler

wrestler_postThis is not a movie about wrestling and body building. The movie is the story of a professional wrestler (about the life of a wrestler). Mickey Rourke plays the lead role of a popular wrestler known as Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson. Randy is known to be a brave wrestler who loves taking risks in order to be the ultimate entertainer. He’s getting old but still is the most famous and entertaining (paisa wasool) wrestler around. Randy has a daughter who hates him for having abandoned her in her youth and does not live with him. Randy’s life is all about wrestling and he has no world outside it.

There’s a parallel story of Cassidy (Marissa Tomei) who is an exotic strip dancer and is the life of her strip club. She, too, is getting old and slowly loosing out on her popularity in the club but unlike Randy, she has planned her retirement and finances well. Randy is her regular customer and he really enjoys her company. They share a complex relationship as Cassidy strictly follows the rule ‘don’t get involved with a customer’.

In a celebrated wrestling match Randy gives a great performance (probably the best ever in the wrestling history). But an unfortunate heart attack after the performance costs Randy his wrestling career. Randy retires from the professional wrestling and goes through the same trauma that most retired wrestlers do.

There are some breathtaking scenes in the movie that have been shot with a lot of emotions and power packed performance of the actors. There is one scene when retired Randy is getting ready to start his new job in a store and moves towards the service counter from the warehouse. Everything looks exactly like the backstage of the wrestling ring. He can feel the same energy and can also hear his fans cheer his name as he enters the service counter.

Randy is a lonely guy who has no one to share his feelings with. The guy who is used to thousands of his fans cheering him is suddenly an unknown figure with no friend and family. Randy is not able to go through this transition and decides to go back to where he belongs, ‘The Wrestling Ring’.

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