Lonely Planet

photo_lg_mumbaiThe city of Mumbai is known to be the most populated city in India. Mumbai is notorious for its traffic and gigantic number of people you see on the street at any hour of the day. They say ‘Mumbai never sleeps’, quite a valid quote. You can always feel the sense of rush everywhere you go. Everyone is always busy and that’s what makes the social life in this city a big mess. Many people deny this fact but frankly speaking most people don’t enjoy their lives freely in this city. People just lie and give false assurances to themselves. I think lying to your own self is not a bad idea till the time it keeps you happy. But the only problem with lying is that it makes you weak and vulnerable when you have to face the reality.

You are always lonely in this city of illusions. Mumbai is very much capable of keeping its inhabitants in a closed loop and whatever you try, you can’t break this loop. Life is really difficult in this city as the same has been projected very correctly in some of our Hindi movies. The city of Mumbai lacks the recreation centers to a very dangerous level. Public parks are considered to be an ultra luxurious facility here. This fact is particularly surprising for any North Indian, may be because we take these things for granted in northern part of the country. Sometimes I feel sorry for the people of Mumbai (I am one of those now) for not having any open space to sit peacefully and relax.

Life has never been so difficult for me so far, not even when I was a student in Delhi University and roamed around happily with empty pockets. Now, when I can afford a lot more than what I wanted to, I don’t seem to enjoy anything here. It’s been a while since I felt happy from inside. The only time I feel truly happy here is when I am booking my tickets to Delhi.

One thing that this city teaches everyone is to keep the patience. You can’t live in Mumbai if you don’t learn that. The sooner you learn it, the better it is for you. I used to be the most impatient person in the whole world and I always hated to wait for anything. Now this is all that I do, ‘Wait’.  

~ by pankajsingla9 on March 10, 2009.

8 Responses to “Lonely Planet”

  1. dude………you have well explained the difference between “Delhi” and Mumbai. If in Delhi you were so happy with your empty pockets, why did you came to Mumbai. The main reason was that now you can afford much more then you wanted to. Life is difficult in Mumbai, but it gives you money, a power to buy anything and freedom to go anywhere and do anything. Now you talk about Puma and airfare…..just think could you have even thought about all these luxuries, if you would have been still in Delhi? NO….See every coin have two sides…nothing is perfect……….now its your choice to see the good side or the bad side. So see the positive sides of Mumbai and enjoy it. If you say YES, then dude go back to Delhi, don’t just curse the greatest city of the world just because you can’t adjust.

    • You’ll never understand it dude. This is exactly how and what of ur NY story. I have not cursed Mumbai if u read my post carefully. I dont think I’ve compared Mumbai with Delhi at all in this post. Maybe you might wanna read it again, MORE CAREFULLY. You just can’t compare both these cities. Moreover Mumbai is not the only place on earth that gives you money….. Anyways if you read the post carefully you might understand what i want to convey…

    • BTW how do u know i couldn’t afford PUMA shoes and airtickets in Delhi? U don’t know me enough dude. I didnt learn about these things here.

  2. n just c the difference,, u call Puma shoes and domestic low budget airlines a LUXURY…. These are just the standard things in life dude.. maybe bare necessities of my life.

  3. Opinions are opinions….no need for agression here buddies…:)

  4. nice…i dnt knw to wht extent it is right…!!

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