The Unfair Comparison

Often a time my friends from Mumbai think that I hate Mumbai and the reason is because I am typical North Indian Chauvinist. Maybe they could never understand what I have always wanted to tell them. Well that might very well be because of their own chauvinistic attitude or the common local attitude/perception towards/of the North Indians. Well, some of us are, probably, more responsible for that.

So I thought I should clarify all these lingering doubts and questions through my blog. First of all, I want to tell all my local (Mumbai) friends that I have never hated Mumbai. But, frankly speaking, I’ve also not been a big fan of the city of Mumbai since the very first day I landed in this great city.

Secondly, the mis-conception is that I don’t like Mumbai because I compare it with Delhi all the time, which is again not true. I’ve never compared Mumbai with Delhi because there is no comparison in both the cities. You just can’t compare one of the oldest political capital cities in the world with the oldest financial capital in Asia. Mumbai is totally a different city from Delhi. If the people looked different in both the cities, no outsider would ever be able to believe the fact that both the cities are part of one country.

Mumbai is the city of dreams and people come to Mumbai for the realization of their dreams. The financial capital of India is not only a place where you come just to earn money; there is more to this great city. Mumbai is a fast paced city; it never sleeps. People are always pre-occupied with their professional and business commitments. Mumbai is also, probably, one of the safest cities in the world, where you could walk on the road in the middle of the night and feel completely safe. Mumbai has its own charm and it would be unfair to compare Mumbai with any other city in the world.

Delhi on the other hand is a city of emotions. The multi-cultural capital of India gives you the space that no other city will ever offer you. You live in Delhi for a couple of years and you start calling it Saadi Dilli (Our Delhi).  The acceptability factor is the most attractive thing about Delhi. It accepts you unconditionally, no matter where you come from. Delhi is very unlike other big cities of India that are divided on the grounds of regionalism. No one in Delhi discriminates against you because you come from a certain part of the country or world. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from but where you are heading. It’s an emotional city and you can feel it all the time.

I’ve never felt so much attached to any other city in the country. I just spent three years in Delhi and I feel I belong to that city. That might very well be because I spent the golden years of my life in Delhi, studying in DU (the most vibrant university in the country).

Since the very beginning, people from outside have come to Mumbai to trade and make money. Whereas, people come to Delhi for a different reason: to make it their home. It has been proved since the times of Mughals.

For me Mumbai is a journey and Delhi is the destination.

~ by pankajsingla9 on March 29, 2009.

One Response to “The Unfair Comparison”

  1. Great post, you are spot on in your Delhi Mumbai argument. Mumbai is the land of opportunity where people realize their dreams, whereas delhi is much more relaxed and homely.

    chk out my post on the same topic

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