The Weekend Diary

There is always a sense of mystification and excitement every Friday when I leave from office. It’s the start of my weekend. It’s exciting since I’ve one evening and two full days of No Office Work. It’s mystifying since I never know what I am going to do during that free time. I always want to do something that’ll rejuvenate me and bring me the energy to get going for the next five weekdays.

This Friday evening kicked off reasonably well. I hanged out with my close friends for some time in the evening and we had fun riding the scooty. Well, at the end of the day I was quite contented with the way my Friday went. I woke up early in the morning on Saturday (quite an exception) and booked my tickets to Delhi and Punjab for the next weekend trip. It’s always a pleasure booking my tickets to Delhi and Punjab. I always look forward to visit North India.

Having woken up early on a Saturday morning I didn’t have the slightest clue about how to utilize the time or rather kill the time. It started getting tougher as the humidity increased during the afternoon. Kulajit and Krishanu skipped their guitar class for their own reasons which meant I would be going alone to attend the guitar class. Well, that was the excuse for me to skip my guitar class as well. So I called up my guitar teacher to inform that I wouldn’t be turning up. Now that meant I had to plan for these two more hours on this already extended Saturday. What could be a better thing to do than watching a good movie and eating Pop-Corns? So I decided to watch The Kite Runner. It’s a good movie, not as good as the book though. The book is more detailed and has better emotions. But the movie was enough to kill only two hours of the day. Now, I start thinking what next? I was not in the mood to watch another movie. So I did what I am best at, lazing around. The only bad thing about lazing around too much is that you start feeling like a jerk after sometime. But I did manage to keep up my lazing around activities till the evening. There is nothing worse than being alone at home on a Saturday night esp. when you are still in your 20’s and are single.

The day progressed real slowly and I was sitting and chatting with my room-mate who was planning to hang out with one of our common friend. I somehow didn’t want to hang out with them. Maybe because I was chatting with them almost the whole day and I wanted to do something different at night. I chatted online with some of my good friends in the evening and decided to eat at home. That was a boring idea but there was nothing that I could do about it. I was chatting online with a friend of mine when she asked me what I was planning to do at night. I was like I want to go to Barista and have a cup of coffee alone coz I don’t have many friends in Mumbai to go clubbing with. Just then an old friend of mine called me up and asked me if I would like to go clubbing with her. I hadn’t met for quite a while now so I said that I would be coming over to meet her for half an hour. She was partying with her girl friends in Firangi Pani, Andheri (W). I reached Firangi Pani at around 10 pm and waited for my friend. The place was crowded like never before. It was probably for the fourth time I went to Firangi Pani and I had never seen that place so crowded before. We didn’t get any place to sit so we decided to stand near the bar like most other people. The good thing about Firangi Pani is that most of the times the crowd is really good, the kind of people who don’t bother you and just believe in enjoying themselves. This Saturday was no exception. Everyone was busy with their own things. People were enjoying the music, the food and of course their drinks. Firangi Pani is a nice place to hang out on weekends if you are a Retro fan.

nightclubI had gone to Firangi Pani just to say hi to my friend and hang out for a while but once you get into the groove you stop caring about the time. I was enjoying the music and the company of my friends. So I was there till the party ended at 1 am which is quite early for a Saturday night. Till now I was completely in the mood to party all night long. My old party instincts had started kicking.

Now, the party was over at Firangi Pani but we were all in the mood to party till the morning. But clubs in Mumbai don’t continue post 1 am. So we decided to go to a place where we could party till next morning and that is possible in a five star hotel’s disc. Now the discussion was whether we go to Velvet lounge, Renaissance (Powai) or The High Lounge, Sahara Star. I had never been to The High Lounge so we decided to go to The High Lounge. I had never thought that the hotel that looked like an unimpressive stadium shaped building would turn out to be an ultra luxurious hotel. The disc looked really neat and tastefully designed. I liked the High Lounge since it didn’t look like a typical disc. It was not dark and full of disco lights. The High Lounge is actually a complete lounge experience which is damn cool. Surprisingly, the disc was not packed the way I had imagined the same to be. There was more than enough space for everyone to move around and dance. The music kinda sucked but what impressed me the most was the blasting sound system in the High Lounge. You could actually feel the music in your body which is what differentiates a great disc from a normal disc. Maybe if Sahara can hire a better DJ it might become one of the most happening lounges in Mumbai. The party ended late at night (or rather early morning). I realized how rejuvenated I felt after partying again after so long. Maybe I should behave like the old party maniac Pankaj to get back to life.

~ by pankajsingla9 on April 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Weekend Diary”

  1. rusell…..Too good yar. Just too good. FUNTASTIC..

  2. Russel, y are you using this new user name? What happened to the Ishmart Alec?

  3. Russel, I am a new visitor to your blog, anyway i like it, Great.

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