Train to New Delhi

This was for the first time that I was travelling by train from Mumbai to Delhi. I am not new to train travel since I always travel by train from Delhi to Punjab. But the journey from Delhi to Punjab lasts only 4 hours and I’ve never traveled for 16 hours in a train alone. So, I do confess that I was a bit apprehensive about this trip. Mumbai Rajdhani leaves from Bombay Central Station at 16:30. I reached the Bombay central station at around 16:00 and waited in the McDonalds for my train. Bombay Central Main station is not as crowded as the interstate railway stations in North India. So, it was a big relief for me to start with. As the train arrived at the platform I was impressed with the way Rajdhani appeared from outside. The new Red bodied German coaches make it look different from rest of the trains in India. I had heard a lot about Mumbai Rajdhani and for all reasons Rajdhani trains maintain standards equal to that of Shatabdi trains or even better. Since Shatabdi trains have LCD screens now and soon going to be Wi-Fi enabled (maybe some of them already are), so I was expecting both the things in my train as well. I was traveling in Tier 2 since I didn’t want to get freaking bored in First class (only businessmen travel in first class which is not cool at all).

Mumbai RajdhaniI boarded the train and I can tell you that from the very first moment I hated it. I don’t know why but I just didn’t feel as comfortable as I wanted to. One probable reason could be that I was alone and I can’t stay quiet at all. I need to talk, all the time. And I am not good at carrying a long conversation with strangers. I can’t just talk with everyone. I am very selective about that as well.

Now, I am sitting inside the train and feeling claustrophobic. I am just waiting to reach Delhi but the journey has just started. I killed some time by watching a movie on my laptop and calling my friends (something that I usually don’t do). I felt miserable but started liking the train towards the end when I was about to reach Delhi the next morning. I saw some really interesting looking houses on my way to Delhi. Some of those looked very artistic and filmy.

The food is usually good in Rajdhani trains and they keep feeding you through out. Maybe because they want you to keep your mouth shut and travel without complaints. I realized that a train journey is probably the best way to know India but you need to be with your friends to enjoy the journey. The company of your friends becomes very important if you are someone like me who hates to keep quiet.

The train was near Ghaziabad and I could see the huge factories near the railway tracks. It meant that Delhi was just 15 minutes away now. So, I am a happy man now because it was only 08:00 in the morning and my train for Punjab leaves at 13:00 which meant I had ample amount of time to roam around in Connaught Place. I love hanging out in Connaught Place (CP) because I can relate to that place really well. I can sit there for hours and still feel like spending more time there. Connaught place is surely my favorite destination for shopping because everything (literally everything) that you need is available there. I remember hanging out in CP when I was a student and I always admired that place. Now every time I go there, I can see the student Pankaj roaming around window shopping in the inner circle of CP.       

~ by pankajsingla9 on April 18, 2009.

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