The Mustard Fields and White Butter

 I took a train (as usual) from Delhi to Punjab. The train leaves from Old Delhi railway station at 13:10. My journey is not too long since it just takes 4 hours to reach my destination. I had booked my seat in the chair car and believe it must be the oldest ac chair car compartment that is still in use. But, at least I get to travel comfortably.

I reached Jakhal at around 17:30. Jakhal is the stop where I get off the train because this train doesn’t go to my town directly. My town Lehra Gaga is 15 kms away from Jakhal. Jakhal is a small town which has its one half in Haryana and the other half in Punjab. My father came to pick me up at the railway station which always brings smile on my face. I love to see the smile on my father’s face when he sees me and hugs me. I am usually a chatter box but somehow I can’t talk much with my father, maybe because I sound too immature in front of him. I am very careful in choosing my words when I am talking to my father. My father still thinks I am a small kid who doesn’t understand anything about the world, life and relationships.

We directly went to my father’s new factory. I wanted to see the new plant. It’s an edible oil expeller. In simple words, my father is a manufacturer of edible oils. We passed through the sprawling golden color farms. That’s the beauty of Punjab. The farms are lush green for most part of the year and look golden during the harvesting season. Most of all I like the frequent patches of yellow mustard fields on both sides of the road. After reaching the factory, I looked around and liked the new plant. I didn’t want to spend too much time in my father’s office so I insisted that I wanted to go home. I was getting desperate to see the woman I love the most, my mom.

I hugged my mom tightly as she opened the door for me. I can’t explain how happy she was to see me. She hugged me exactly how she hugged me when I was a small kid. It felt as if she would never let me go and just protect her baby in her arms.

I had tea with my mom and started chatting with her. I still talk with her the way I did when I was small. I can never put into the word how relieved and excited was I to see her. “You have become so dark and lean”, that was her immediate concern in the form of a question. Well, that’s what my mom tells me every time I meet her.

I enjoyed my stay at home eating the best food and socializing. There is no better breakfast for a North Indian than aloo parathas with homemade fresh white butter. That’s one thing that I’ve been missing every morning for past Eight years. I love the onion-chilly chutney my mom makes. I’ve never liked any other chutney more than that. I stayed at home just for a couple of days but I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at home. I got to meet my sister and brother-in-law during my short stay at home. They came over to meet me (how sweet of them).

It was Monday morning and also the day when I left for Delhi. My parents hated the idea of visiting them for just a couple of days. They strictly demanded me to spend more time during my next trip. I started missing my parents the moment I left my house. I hope I can spend more time at home during my next trip.

~ by pankajsingla9 on April 22, 2009.

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  1. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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