The Chicken Pox and The Chickens

I’ve been down with chicken pox for nearly 10 days now. During this time I got admitted to the hospital and got discharged as well. Now, I am resting at home since I don’t have any fever or body pain. Chicken Pox is one of the diseases that I’ve always hated the most. The disease doesn’t stress you physical health much but it drives you mentally insane. In the cases of inpatient people like me, mental trauma gets worse. If you are the one who hates to wait, you better protect yourself against chicken pox. It becomes very difficult to sleep with so many boils all over your body. Worse is if those boils start itching, which they generally do.

The first couple of days were difficult since I was running high temperature. My roommate got me admitted into the hospital to avoid any complications. It was a wise idea. I spent two nights and three days in the Dr. L. H. Hiranandani hospital, powai. Hospitalization helped me get rid of the high temperature. I had started recovering now.

All this while, my roommate, Kulajit took good care of me while others (from my office) except a few didn’t bother much about me. It is not unusual for my colleagues to behave in this way. Most of my colleagues are just too busy lazing around doing nothing. I had seen their attitude towards life during the wedding of another colleague last weekend. They didn’t bother to wish him, forget about attending the wedding. I didn’t want my colleagues to visit me in the hospital or at home because I was suffering from a viral disease which spreads through the air. So, it is rather advisable not to meet anyone suffering from chicken pox if you haven’t ever suffered from it. I, then, started to think why they have not even bothered to call me to check how I was feeling. Kulajit had the answer to my question, “they are probably scared that they might get infected if they talk to you”. What? That’s what my first reaction was. How can they get infected over the phone? If that was not the reason then there are only two other options left: they don’t care a damn about me, or, that was because of their lethargic and non-caring attitude in general.

I like to think that they were all scared to get infected over the phone.

~ by pankajsingla9 on May 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Chicken Pox and The Chickens”

  1. I simply could not resist commenting here even though this post is personal. Always count those friends who are with in your bad times & not the good hours. Luckily I am bound to thank God that I have got such wonderful collegues & your incident has forced me to consider and realize that they are my best friends. In fact I had a similar situation wherein my office friends kept calling me however I refused to attend to them.

  2. At the time, I couldn’t answer their calls due to various reasons, but their concen is something I will never forget.

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