Cappuccino again!!!

This Friday (May 09, 2009) was the 13th day since I’ve been resting at home and doing nothing. I had recovered completely on the Wednesday itself. I called up my mom and told her that I was feeling claustrophobic and disgusted sitting at home. Her advice to me was, “why don’t you go out and hang out with your friends?” It was afternoon and every I know was working in his/her respective offices. So, I decided to venture out alone. I checked out the movies that multiplexes were playing. But, unfortunately, for past couple of weeks no good movie has released. I roamed around and had my lunch at subway. I know munching subs is not an ideal food to be classified as lunch, but I don’t mind eating healthy subs for lunch.

It had been a long time (around 2 weeks) since I had my favorite cappuccino and Walnut brownie, so I decided to sit somewhere for a decent cup of coffee. I was in malad and decided to go to Oberoi mall in Goregaon to find a coffee shop. I usually don’t like hanging out in the malls, but on the hot afternoon in the month of May, that’s probably the smartest thing to do. I am a big nerd who is very committed to his brands. I would always prefer Barista over any other coffee shop on any given day. But since there is no Barista in Oberoi Mall, so I decided to hang out in Gloria Jean’s café. A couple of my friends had recommended me that café earlier. The place looks nice from far but once you go and sit there, it’s no longer the perfect café that it appears to be. Let me explain it. I ordered a cup of cappuccino and walnut brownie. They don’t sell walnut brownies, so I refused to eat anything. I noticed that they use the cheapest available sofa sets in the market. They have carefully picked up the sofas with coffee color that looks very comfortable, but is not. So, Gloria Jean’s café needs to buy better, more expensive leather sofas. The café doesn’t have any fan or air conditioner vents and that make your life terrible. The assumption was probably that, since the café has been made in an open space inside the mall, they don’t need extra air conditioning. That’s where they went terribly wrong. With all the heat generated during coffee brewing and so many people walking around, they probably need extra air conditioners and not just fans.

I was served my coffee in a freaking disposable glass. WTF? I don’t want to drink a Rs. 65 coffee in a disposable glass. Why the hell you guys can’t use the coffee mugs? Has the recession hit you so hard? I don’t think so. I hate to drink coffee in a disposable glass and, that too, when you are given a cheap looking disposable spoon to mix sugar in your coffee. How pathetic could it be? I didn’t order for a frappe or other cold coffee. How on earth, can you even think of serving a hot cup of coffee in a disposable glass? Disgusting! The only relief was that the coffee was not bad.

They say coffee is like life, and one should not pay more attention to the cup. But, where was the cup? I wouldn’t mind if they served coffee in a plain white cup. I can see Gloria Jean’s losing all its charm in the coming few days.

~ by pankajsingla9 on May 16, 2009.

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