Weird People!!!

Recently, my friend went to a trip with his office folks. It was an office trip. They had planned to go to a beach, which is around 4 hours away from his office. The name of the place doesn’t matter much here. They took a bus that accommodated all the travelers. The trip started early in the morning, and everyone seemed in the mood to have fun. It was like a typical office trip where people sing in the bus and play Antakshari. These office trips are meant to be the team building exercises; the managers encourage the team to play team building games. This is when one starts to observe the stereotyped nature of these trips. Everyone is forced to voluntarily participate in these team building mind-numbing games. There’s no way you can afford not to participate actively in these games; managers are observing you. The worst part is that you are supposed to show that you are enjoying those mind-fucking games like nothing else in this world. This time a few expats were also part of the trip. Managers wanted to prove how actively they promote the team building exercises within the team, and the poor executives were trying not to prove their managers wrong.  

These office trips are never a complete fun; the reason is that you can’t be yourself. It was evening time and the time to return. The team was back in the bus again. Some folks were tired but some still had the energy to sing. Maybe that was their way to forget the tiring, full of boredom and supervised trip. They wanted to forget all the forced games that they played on the beach. Dancing and singing on your way, especially when such a large group is travelling, is very much acceptable in Indian culture, or maybe in most cultures. The Antakshari started again. Things were pretty cool until one of the expats got disturbed by the noise of songs. He woke up from his sleep and uttered, “Weird People.” Fortunately, not many people got it. Everyone continued to sing and enjoy. But the interesting thing is why the hell that gora found it weird? Wasn’t the trip meant for the team to enjoy? What is so weird about singing? One thing I’ve always observed in expats is that they always want every Indian to behave like Westerns, know everything about their culture and praise it. The biggest problem is that a lot of Dumb Indians actually do it. Imagine an Indian saying the same thing about them in their own country. The man would get fired the very next day. Why everything has to be perfect? Why are we obliged to sing their songs? Why do we need to know their culture when they don’t know a crap about the Indian culture? They manage to say Namaste, chaai etc., and they think they know everything about India. Why would our managers not take any action against a white guy when the same thing might cost an Indian his job?

The answer is that it’s because we have never done anything to save our identity. We always take stand for wrong things in life. We are busy demonstrating against the presence of North/South Indians in our cities. A fellow Indian can be a threat to a city’s culture but a white guy who abuses their culture is still maibaap. The outsiders are racist because we let it happen. We would never learn to take any action against the outsiders, though we can kill each others for no reason. It’s high time we realize our mistakes and start protecting our identity against the outsiders.

~ by pankajsingla9 on May 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Weird People!!!”

  1. dear mr.singla,

    first things first. this is probably the most embarrassing and tru-est (if thats a word, but who cares) observations about the western world.

    I am reminded of a british diplomat who was assigned the task of giving his observations which could be used to expand east india companys influence amongst the Rajas and people.

    He replied saying that Indians generally tend to be in awe of English particularly in western accent and their manner of speaking. they tend to blindly believe whatever is said and don’t question the rationality or the sense of it. so they will believe anything that is said with an accent and in english. Conversely, anything that is NOT said in English is subject to criticism and put through the rigors of debate and discussion. which is not fair considering that this feature is not extended to accented comrades.

  2. Very nice post………You must have read my post about the same type of people. These people watch American shows and movies ans think they are American. There is a term for them called DBCA………Desi Born Confused Americans. They are born in India, but think they are still Americans. Becoz of these type of people (big metros have plenty of them) only, there firangs have that attitude. These DBCA’s lick their asses and make them rule us again.

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