The ignorant Whites and the desperate Indians

Australia would want to forget what has happened there in the past two months. It has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. A country that claims to be one of the most migrant friendly countries in world is being branded as the biggest racist country in the world.

Who is to be blamed for the racism shit that’s going on in Australia? The answer is Australian government and the desperate Indians. There are around 90,000 Indian students studying in Australia, and the Australian government makes more than 2 billion dollars a year from the Indian students only. This big money is the reason that Australian government organizes N number of seminars and student festivals all over India to lure the Indian students. On the other hand, some of our very own people are just too desperate to get out India. They like to live in the illusion that Australia (or any other country for that matter) is better than India and can provide them with the best future security. The desperation to leave India is what Australian universities have been using to sell their bull shit programs. Education is one of the biggest sources of income for Australia.

The ignorant Whites obviously envy such a huge presence of Indians in their country. Having to compete with 90,000 Indian students is not a joke, especially when you are an Australian and are not used to work as hard as Indians, Chinese, Japanese or Americans. But, again, the ignorant Australians need to know that Indian students are not studying there for free. In fact, Indian students are helping the Australian government run that country. It’s time for the Australian people to understand the importance of Indians in Australia. It’s also time for the desperate Indians to understand the reality of Australia and other White countries. Whites will never give you the equal rights or treat equally, at least not in Australia.

Australian government needs to tackle these issues more carefully. After all, Australia can’t afford to lose out on the regular income of 2 billion dollars every year from the Indian students and probably an equal amount of Income from the Indian tourists. But, on the other hand, if they keep luring the Indian students for money, they’ll have to bear the wrath of their own citizens. It’s Australia that is ultimately at loss in both the situations. Now, it’s up to them to decide what loss they can afford.

~ by pankajsingla9 on June 3, 2009.

16 Responses to “The ignorant Whites and the desperate Indians”

  1. I just loved the title,the most appropriate one. It’s a shame on us that we are being attacked on Australian street,but its even more shameful that our students have to moved out to get those phoren degree.Therefore I believe our education minister have to concentrate more on this core area by setting up some foreign universities in India itself alike China considering the future competitiveness.

  2. Thanks, I agree we need more universities in India. As a matter of fact, Kapil Sibel (senior Congress leader) has always been in favor of letting the foreign universities set up their campuses in India. The big news is that now he’s the HRD minister and has all the power to go ahead with his plans.
    Even bigger news is that on the very first day of taking over as the HRD minister, Mr. Sibel ordered that particular file and has started working on it.

    There are some people who still think about India:)

  3. I agree that Kapil Sibel has always favoured foreign universities but last time the Left had fervently opposed.However with the current scenario there is a huge pressure on the new government to globalize the education sector.Lets hope India starts investing on high class education apart from infrastructure.

  4. What are the reasons that Africans, North_easterners and many in India, especially, North go through so much racist experiences? Do you look at India beyond your 4 walls before deciding what it is? We should protect our people surely and call a racist attack a racist attack. But to go around talking about an entire country in such morally high grounds while we lack so desperately in our ability to respect others is absolutely vulgar. To me, these incidents clearly indicate that country like Australia has a rising amount of racist youngsters. But what I have found out for sure is that majority of India remains racist certainly.

  5. Wow! Broad generalizations here. I’m an Indian student, in Melbourne and I have yet to feel unsafe or threatened. Horrible things have happened over the past few weeks, and years, there is no denying that, and the government needs to step up and look into these attacks. But lets admit that racists exist in every country, and moving to a new country comes with its share of risks. I came here for a better life and I certainly have one. After living in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, where I felt insecure on a regular basis, I’ve enjoyed living in a city where I don’t worry about my safety. You’re listening to voices from only a segment of the Indian population here.

    I think the big problem here is how great a gap there is between the values of many of the Indian students who come here, and the values/outlook of the locals – white and non-white. We’re reluctant to mix. We have an arrogance about us. We sit on trains and make comments about the people the around us in our own language. And while this should CERTAINLY not lead to hate crimes, these are things that will make life uncomfortable for many Indian on a day to day basis.

    The Australian government and universities needs to stop accepting students that clearly first of all, share nothing of it value systems, and second, do not meet the requirements for half its educational programmes. It’s an insult to those students that come here to study. I was pissed off, to say the least, when there were student who barely spoke English in my Masters degree PUBLISHING class. If you want to work in publishing in the English speaking world, you need to speak English.

    • Thanks a lot for sharing the inside stuff Tamara. I agree with you that it’s the Indian lot that doesn’t mix with the Whites and show attitude. Universities need to raise their standards of admissions and so on. Everyone is equally responsible for the current situation. But, I certainly don’t like one thing about Indians who live outside India, they don’t leave a single chance to abuse and curse India.
      I don’t believe that India is so unsafe. I guess India gives you great freedom, at least legally, if not socially.
      Anyways, i just hope that the situation is back to normal as soon as possible.

    • @Tamara, thank you for the first-hand account…I agree that there’s no point ghettoizing abroad…one should make efforts to blend in with the culture of one’s host country…to begin with…Australian universities can sensitize these students to their culture, lifestyle, community spirit etc…most of these students seem to come from small towns across the country…in fact, one of my fellow bloggers talked about how Australia is the new ‘Kanaada’ for many in Punjab/Haryana…I totally agree with the ‘requirements for half its educational programmes’ observation…I saw newsbytes of students in Melbourne…their English was atrocious…wonder how they manage with Australians whose English is just as difficult to decipher for the uninitiated…

      @Pankaj, whites may find ‘ignorant whites’ quite racist…and therefore extremely offensive…

  6. Lots of typos! I should have read this through before dashing it off! The sentiment remains though.

  7. I agree with Tamara. The fact is there is discrimination everywhere – both in India and Australia – on the basis of religion, language, caste, community and colour. What is deplorable is that we often overlook the biased treatment that people receive in our own country, but are unforgiving if the same thing happens at the hands of someone else. I’m talking of both Indians and Australians here.

    Violence should be condemned. Personal security is the right of every person, regardless of nationality. But discrimination is not a purely Australian thing, nor are all Australians racist.

  8. My next post will be on the Racism in general. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Keep reading:)

  9. I think the word desperate used for Indian student is too harsh. I am also an Indian student pursuing “phoren degree” in US of A. We are in foreign countries to get good education, not because we are desperate for better country or best future. I am a engineering student and wanted to do masters degree, what options I had in India, only IIT’s, which has toughest entrance exams in the world. I know they are best, but getting a masters degree in engg from IIT’s will not take you anywhere. In US, Australia, UK and Germany good universities gives you admission based on your academics and money you can spend. These countries also have very infrastructures for education. There methodology is excellent. Thats why we come here. All the big names in Engg are in US, UK, Germany.

    Same with MBA students, CAT is considered to be toughest entrance exam in India (UPSC in not an entrance exam). I know many people who have wasted 2-3 yrs attempting CAT and not getting anywhere. So they go outside India to get better studies in better environment. They are not desperate for better country or white skin. They are desperate for better education.

    The students protesting in Australia are very correct. You know most of the colleges in US, UK, Australia survives just because of Indian and Chinese Students. If we don’t go there in such a huge number, they will get closed. So its a mistake of Australian government, who are treating their biggest sources of earning in a such a bad manner. There are same number of Chinese students in these countries as Indian students. China is not behind in any race with India.

    I agree that we Indian students live in foreign countries with same Indian attitude. We never care about their places or people. We comment on them in our languages, we spit anywhere, we urinate on the roads and we live here like we live in India. All these things leads to hate crimes, but most of the people involved in these things are illegal migrants from India. All students doing Masters are well educated to avoid all these things.

    So Indian Governments should raise the standard of education in India. We don’t more IIT’s or IIM’s. We want every other college to be like them. We want every Indian University to compete with these colleges. That will be the time, when we will not have to go outside India, because we will have better Universities then foreign universities.

  10. “But, on the other hand, if they keep luring the Indian students for money, they’ll have to bear the wrath of their own citizens.”

    Agree with this bit.The Aussie government is doing one thing and its population wants another. The Aussie demographics are changing rapidly and the government does not seem to ahve factored the condequences of that into its revenue generataing (via education) policies.

  11. hello!
    money is not everything!
    money from the unwanted people are more harmful than gain in the long run.
    a peaceful, decent & happy australian society is worth hundred billions more than that meagre two billion or so from indians.
    australia will do definitely better without indians if they[indians] happen to disturb the conscience and decency of the australian society.

    • Well, that’s wat you think my friend. You don’t even have any idea how the governments of developed countries make money. You are made to believe that the your country is a prosperous country that will never compromise on anything. Australian universities literally beg the Indian students to join. They help them survive…
      As a citizen u might be against it, but your government thinks otherwise. Afterall, the government has the responsibility of making sure that all the Aussies get food and shelter. No offence, but that’s how it works.

  12. well its money. its all nice to talk about how the country can do without 2 billion dollars…. well take away the 2 billion dollars…

    then also take away the cheap labour, expenditure made by indian students, highly skilled workers (who btw get permanant residency only by the fact that they have a certain degree)

    I think the next worry for India is Sri lanka. Its now comparatively free of turmoil and hence a better competitor for India compared to australia. dont worry about australia. they hate working on weekends or beyond working hours… whereas for indians… its nothing new.

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