The Over Jealous Bitch

They say everything that happens to you and everyone you meet in life has some meaning. There is some logic behind why you are meant to meet people in life. I have always tried to understand why that is so. Is there really a purpose behind why we meet certain people in life? I don’t know, but I like to believe it.

I’ve always thought that there are two types of people on this earth: those who are true to others, and those who are true to themselves. Then I met the third kind: those who are yet to learn the meaning of being truthful, loyal and honest. 

I’ve grown up learning the value of humanity, love, relations and emotions. I always believed that no one likes to harm others without any reason. Then I came face to face with the reality and the real world. I remember some wise man saying that the happiness of other people depresses humans more than their own worries. This is exactly what I am going to talk about in this post. Unfortunately, all of us know quite a few such people in life. They feel ignored when you don’t invite them over to a house party, when you don’t think about them while you are going out with your friends, when you plan a holiday without counting them in. you would have all the reasons to feel ignored if your good friends treated you this way. I would feel terrible in such a situation. I personally felt terrible when no one came to see me in the hospital last month. But, that’s not the case here. What if the people you ignore are NOT your friends? What if they are not your well wishers? The kind of people who will never be happy for what you achieve in life. I am talking about the people who don’t care a shit about you, your friendship, your emotions and your loyalty.

Why would someone who doesn’t care a damn about you want to hang out with you? Why would that person be so disturbed over not being counted in for a holiday? I was desperate to know the answer to the WHY. The reason is plain and simple: they are just over jealous. They don’t want to hang out with you to know you better or because they like you and want to enjoy your company. They just want to satisfy their self ego that they matter to people, which might not be the case (frankly). Another reason is that they want to gossip about what you did on your trip or during a night out. These people are so self obsessed and are so hungry for attention that they can go to any extent to satisfy their sick ego. I like to call them over-jealous bitch (both male and females). These people can be really harmful since they have never heard the words like honesty, loyalty, love and emotions. All they care about in life is their ego. They like to live in illusions and are not true to themselves either. The most interesting thing about these people is that they have the biggest ego in the world but no self respect.

Do you have any such experiences? Please share.

~ by pankajsingla9 on June 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Over Jealous Bitch”

  1. “Everybody wants to play the lead role in other person’s play” and that’s the reason behind all the ego hurts and envy. Its the craving for attention which leads to the conflict and when this need is not fulfilled, people around these ‘ O J Bitches’ have to suffer tantrums….

    • Why would i let someone rule my life? Unfortunately, people have this bad habit of trying to rule the lives of others. They say nothing is worse than the feeling of not being loved and cared. I guess these O J Bitches lack love and care in their lives. They just look to get it from everyone but in the form of attention. It’s because they are not aware about the true meaning of love. They are misguided that the attention is the ultimate thing in life.

  2. all right girls enuff. gimme some love now.

  3. – You have just freshened my dying wounds, this is a way back story while I was working in a reputed company where my middle age boss was a die hard fan of my exceptional work (im not boasting about myself) and treated me moreover like a friend. But then suddenly one fine day he resigns for a better prospect and at the same time he offers me a position in his new bigger company, however I refused joining after learning some facts about the management conflicts out there.
    Luckily even I got a job somewhere else at the same time so considering him as a good mentor I informed him about my new prospect & there begins, my bad days. Just a matter of 1 month during my resignation period I was traumatized by the other employee on our earlier boss instruction (though he was not anymore working with us). All this was becuase I hurt my ex-boss’ ego by not accepting his offer. Things were also bad because I tried not to let the jealous bugger rule my world” . If you compare our standards in terms of qualification or monetary then,we had a vast difference, yet his ego ruined me for a while The whole sentiment & relation which was accumulated for years just winded up in a matter of few words exchanged on the phone.
    So the very big lesson that I learn from this chapter of my life is never trust anybody. It’s rightly said every person in your life comes with a purpose so because of that inhuman boss I have been more mature in taking decision & handling relations & giving space to only those who really matter to me

    • That’s what I’ve come to realize in life. Everyone and everything has some message for you, you just need to get the signal and learn from it.
      Irritating people, sometimes, teach you a lot of things. I’ve learnt to avoid such people. lol

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