Australian racism is justified?

Racism started ever since people saw people who looked different. It was very natural for humans to identify others with their skin color and features. Slowly it took an ugly turn and people started making racial comments and so on. We all know that racism exists in all strata of the society. But who is responsible for the racism? Who started it? There are no definite answers for these questions. At least I couldn’t find the answer to these questions. I think we all are responsible for the racism. The world is full of different races, cultures, languages and ethnicities. When we meet people who belong to different culture, race, language or ethnicity we tend to link their behavior with their culture, race, language and ethnicity. It’s very natural for every human being. In short, we start generalizing. When we generalize for good things, no one has any problem with that. The problem comes when generalization of others is done for not so good things; when we start generalizing the traits of one wrong doer, who belongs to different section of the society, race, culture, language or ethnicity, to the entire section of that society. As I discussed earlier, it’s very human to generalize. But, what does it mean for the people of a different section/race who have migrated or are migrating to a different society? It means that they have additional responsibility on their shoulders to protect their own identity. Every migrant should know that he represents his country, society, race, culture and ethnicity when he decides to be part of a different society. Migrants need to be very careful about their actions in the alien society because their every action is deciding the fate of their own people. Their actions create an image of the society that they originally belong to. Now, it’s up to the migrant to decide what impression he wants to give to the foreigners about his own society.

Whatever has happened in Australia is unfortunate and has not benefitted anyone. Australia has earned a bad image of being a racist country, and Indian students will never be able to feel comfortable with Australians anymore. Indian students should always remember that their actions create image about India and Indian people. They need to be extra careful with their actions in a foreign country. You don’t want your country or countrymen to be in news for the wrong reasons.

But is racism justified at all? The answer is no. But, I do agree that there can be a rationale behind racism. We are all very proud of our cultures, race, language and ethnicity. This proud feeling makes us possessive about our land. Humans have been fighting for land since the very beginning of life. The feeling of possessiveness is more in people who are original inhibitors of a place e.g. Indians, Europeans, Mongolians, Africans etc. In these cases, I can understand the rationale behind the racism. I am not saying it’s justified, but it’s understandable. But, what I fail to understand is the racism by people who are not original inhibitors of a place. America and Australia are probably the best example of countries that were not built and developed by the original races of that land. Both of these countries have been built and developed by migrants. I fail to understand the racist behavior of Australia. There is no rationale behind this racism. My attempt is not to brand the whole of Australia as racist. I am sure not more than 2% to 3% people are racist. But, as I said, the actions of a small group of people are enough to earn good or bad name for the entire society/country. Racism is in our minds and no rule or policy can remove it. But there can always be a social solution. More humanitarian approach towards these issues can minimize these incidences. We are not living in a stone age; it’s an era of globalization and advanced science. We need to learn from our mistakes in the past and work for the development and well being of humanity.

~ by pankajsingla9 on June 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “Australian racism is justified?”

  1. thats a nice holistic way to look at the situation. unfortunately public memory is too short to be that wise. Discrimination has and will always exist in some form in every society. its just the way society functions. sometimes its class based, sometimes based on color. or nationality, race, religion etc…. but discrimination will occur. There are laws for almost every kind of discrimination but that hasnt eliminated or stopped discrimination. in fact in some cases it leads to reverse discrimination. strange, these humans are. they strive so much for equality and in the process end up discriminating……

  2. nice stuff…but trust me if human beings had it in them to improve things wudnt have escalated to this point…we are a race doomed for extinction thanks to in-fighting and our passion for killing our own…so let’s all just sit back and enjoy this miserable ride..

    • That’s what is the problem with human beings. We are not ready to understand anything. WE know what we are doing and the consequences that are likely to follow, but we are just too incorrigible.

  3. hmm. interesting

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