Winds of Change

India has been witnessing coalition governments for quite a long time now. NDA government led by BJP was formed with the support of 20 plus parties, and the trend continued when UPA assumed power. What does coalition government means in India? It could mean that the voters are more concerned with their local issues more than the national issues hence they want the local parties to represent them in the parliament. While the intentions of the Indian voters were to get better representation and voice in the parliament, the local parties went on to take personal benefits. Regional parties didn’t show any loyalty, neither to their own voters nor to the ruling parties. Regional parties came to power no matter which party led the coalition. The political ethics and values went for a toss as the motive was only to form a government and come to power for personal gains.

Could it pose a danger to the integrity of India? Yes, the regional parties can never think about the national interest given the fact that their voters are limited. Regional parties would always play dirty tricks to please their vote bank. The bigger problem is that they don’t do it with right intentions and through ethical methods. The politics of caste, religion, race and language is only played by regional parties desperate for recognition and power. The desperate regional parties are ready to go to any unethical extent for personal gains.

The innocent voters have trusted these regional parties enough and aren’t ready to buy any shit anymore. The results of 2009 parliament elections have shown the rising interest of voters in the national issues. Voter have shown the signals of change in their attitude and also signaled the ministers that they are watching them. Yes, the voters are watching their political representatives and wouldn’t mind revolting if public interests are being compromised for personal interests. The mainstream parties Congress and BJP have shown great improvements in terms of number of seats. The voters in India might be illiterate and uneducated but are aware and are not afraid to raise their voice.

The current Manmohan government will not work under the pressure of regional parties but the national voters, which is how things should work. The government has pledged to bring the positive changes to the Indian economy and the conditions of aam aadmi (common man). Manmohan Singh’s cabinet probably has one of the best teams Indian politics has ever seen. The expectations are high; the team is committed and capable. A lot would depend how this dynamic team is able to deal with the pressure and realities of life. I am certainly more positive about the future of India than ever before. I don’t support any political party but the individuals. I would always support any candidate from a mainstream party than a regional party representative. The power of India is its diversity, rich culture, honesty, innocence of the common man, and its integrity. The mainstream parties are more committed than any other regional party to strengthen India’s integrity.

Manmohan Singh’s message to its team that people are watching us, hints that the government is conscious about its responsibilities and will certainly make every effort to  live up to the expectations of its voters.

I certainly expect better representation of India in the international community, better infrastructure, inclusive growth, commitment to internal and external security, and equality in the society. The time will only tell how UPA manages to prove its iron and earn the trust of its voters.

~ by pankajsingla9 on June 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Winds of Change”

  1. I sure hope you re right sir. Most of the regional parties are, historically, mistakes of the national parties. now that the people have finally shown their disgust with petty politics, i sure hope that national interest prevails.

    As a start, don’t expect anything out of the budget this time. Congress is quite strong this time and there is no pressing need to give needless sops to win votes. i am guessing only those states where assembly elections are to be help will get projects cleared on priority. other than that, this is going to be a vanilla budget. on a pessimistic note, they might even take away a few SOPS that have been costing the government dear.

    As long as it helps the nation, so be it.

  2. Very true regional parties are quite divisive,corrupt and very autocratic.They are so obsessed with local level issues that they dont care about national & international level issues,and when the regional interest is ignored,they try to create problem for the government.So i feel the regional parties should slowly withered away but then some regional parties are so strong in few of the states ,that the national government are forced to depend on them & hence the government role tends to be more challenging.
    As far as Manmohan singh government is concerned ,i heard him saying several times that promises have been made to the people & the government has to deliver on that.Therefore the current budget is a rigorous test as they have to strike a balance between the promises made & measures to overcome the current economic crisis.

  3. The regional parties work really well as pressure groups. These parties shouldn’t be in the power. As a pressure group they keep the activities of the government in check and help the economy and society develop. They don’t have the experience to handle power. The central government should always have a strong presence of mainstream parties.

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