The Price for a Safe and Developed India

Have you ever felt the feeling of being the biggest patriot Indian in the world? Have you ever felt that you will do something for your country? Have you ever thought about the future of India? We all experience these feelings very regularly. These feelings are the strongest when there are demanding situations. Every Indian wants to do something for India. Ask any random person and he’ll tell you how much he loves this country. People will tell you that they can do anything for this country and wouldn’t think twice to die for this country.

Are we really so loyal to India? If yes, then why the hell most parts of this country are still living hells? Have we actually done anything for our country? The answer is NO. We just talk. We can only talk and do nothing. It’s not that we are no competent of doing anything, but we are just too lazy and too busy with our not-so-busy lives to do anything for our country.

I don’t intend to take the generalization to the ridiculously high levels, but apart from a few, rare and handful people; we don’t care a damn about this country. We are too selfish to think about anything and anyone. Forget about doing something for our country, we are actually competent to do things against our country for miser personal gains. You might not agree with me, so let me give you some examples.

Have you ever bought anything smuggled? By smuggled I don’t mean to say smuggled gold or very expensive antiques; what I mean is something as small as an electronic item worth Rs. 500 or a travel bag, or smuggled clothes (like Diesel jeans).

Unfortunately, I know a number of such people who claim to be the most patriotic Indians in the world but they tend to forget all this unconsciously for a gain of as small as Rs. 50.

There are a number of people who buy and advise others to buy electronic items from the grey market. If you are buying something worth Rs. 10,000 from the grey market you might save some Rs. 500 to the maximum extent. It’s a small amount of saving for you, but that amount will definitely enrich the enemies of your country many folds. You might not be aware that most of the smuggled goods are controlled by the terrorist organizations and other anti-humanity groups. The moment you buy a smuggled good, you tend to enrich the enemy of your country and humanity.

We all criticize the government for levying high import duties on our favorite things, but have you ever tried to know the rationale behind the same? You might think that the government is doing all this just for money, to earn extra bucks through import duties? The answer is NO. The prime motive of levying import duties is not to earn money but to mitigate the risk of foreign products from entering the Indian market. Why would government want to do that? It’s simple, to protect the domestic companies.

The citizens of this country need to be more aware and should participate actively towards the development of this country. You can start doing that by stop supporting our enemies. But if you are one of those incorrigible lot of people who are miser enough to sell their country for the benefit of as less as Rs. 5, then stop calling yourself a patriot. Stop making the claims that you’ll do anything for India. Stop blaming the government and the politicians for every small problem of life. Stop living in the illusion that you can ever be safe.

Our safety and development is in our own hands. The decision is your, you want to spend a very small amount of money to live in a peaceful and developed country or save a small amount of money to live in an unsafe and under-developed country.

~ by pankajsingla9 on June 18, 2009.

7 Responses to “The Price for a Safe and Developed India”

  1. dude is this about me asking someoen to get forex in black.

    • Nope… This is about people buying every possible thing from grey market. There are people who will buy even a vest from such places. They need to understand the importance of buying things that enter the Indian market legally. Buggers are selling the safety of this country to save pennies.

  2. oh okay. then i despise it. 🙂

    But seriously…. its true for people who can really afford stuff and still try to cut corners to save money. the biggest example is buying mobiles without bill

  3. Quite impressed to hear such views from our own people. However I have a small confusion here, before that, I understand from your post that we should stop buying branded products from the foreign companies in order to protect our own domestic ones. Right??? But somewhere in your earlier post you have mentioned about being committed to branded products where you had given an example of Cappucino(drink-Italian), Costa Coffe( U.K)& Barista(Italy). Are they Indian products or companies or is it your idea of patriotism to have such drinks & increase the foreign revenue? I think not. It is absolutely difficult to give away foreign products so easily since FDI have promoted branded products in the name of globalization.But no offence given or taken either way.

    • aah,,, i dont mean to say that we shudn’t buy foreign products. I am only against buying of the illegally imported products. One shud buy legally sold products. But the smuggled products are only going to enrich the terrorists.

  4. Lol …….what a misunderstanding. In fact, a whole chain reaction of ideas came into mind, leading to this conclusion. Now I get your point but the fact here is that we all want to save money so we end up buying such illegal imported products, that’s human psychology. And I will still blame the government for not implementing stringent measures to protect the country from such products being brought in especially through sea route in front of their own eyes. At JNPT port (Nhava Sheva), there is a scanner which has been outdated for ages at the exit of the port wherein the containers are supposed to be monitored while passing through it; however this check is done randomly. You can call it as sample test, as not all the containers entering the city are thorougly checked unlike foreign ports.Such loopholes make it too easy for foreign products to be smuggled in India. So would you still blame us when the same supply is at cheaper rate? Why would one shell out more?

    Anyways even if we stop buying illegal products, we’re not safe if we keep buying *legal* imported goods, because even then our local industries may die out.That’s the reason Mahatma Gandhi started that whole Khadi business remember?

    • Agree, but at least the legally imported products compete fairly with the local products. We can’t deprive the consumer of the competetive quality products. They have the right to choose the right product but the same shud be done in compliance with the law.
      There are actually no loopholes in the laws governing the imported items. it’s the officials who let these things happen for their person gains. Again, Indians working against the integrity of our country.
      We can’t stop everything but can definitely try to reduce it by stopping ourselves from buying these illegally imported products and by spreading the awareness.

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