The fraud

Online shopping in India has never been claimed to be safe, though online shopping is on a rise in India. The number of online transactions are increasing everyday in India.

 The biggest risk is from the hackers waiting to hack your credit card details. There are still certain solutions and precautionary measures that one can adopt to minimize such risks. But the biggest threat still remains from the websites selling products and services. I am not talking about the unregistered to insecure sites. I am talking about the secured sites owned by big business houses.

These sites offer huge discounts on quality products. Everyone is easily attracted towards these offers. The travel portals are best at it. In the month of March had an offer of 75% cash back on booking the SpiceJet tickets. The cash back would be applicable only on the base fare. When I booked the tickets the basic fare was around Rs. 4000 plus a lot of taxes. I booked my return ticket to Delhi after confirming that I would get 75% cash back on the base fare of Rs. 4000.

The cash back never came back in the size I was promised. I was informed that I was given a cash back of 35%. WTF? They claimed that it was a mistake on their part. Thank God they admitted their mistake, and I would get the rest of the amount shortly as they would take care of my complain. It’s been more than two months now and after reminding them a Zillion times, I’ve not received the money I was promised. I have given up the hope now. I guess I do have the liberty to say that I was over charged by fraud My only advice to my beloved readers is not to book tickets using this travel portal at least. There are a number of other travel portals that offer honest fares.

~ by pankajsingla9 on June 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “The fraud”

  1. i never trust these sites. only travel agents have the patience to deal with them. as it is websites in India are ram bharose….. i wouldnt be surprised if this site is some one room project by bunch of college techies somewhere in navi mumbai. they dont seem to be professional at all.

    • Oh this is supposed to be a really good website. I guess it might have some affiliation with MSN. It’s an international website. But they all have the greed to suck customers’ money. They don’t mind going to any extent to make money. Ethics in business are history now.

  2. Dear Mr. Singla,

    Greetings from Ezeego One.

    Please be informed that the information provided by you is not enough for us to retrieve details of your transaction where you have reported an alleged lapse in service.

    We are keen to resolve the issue and earnestly request you to provide us with the following details at the earliest:

    • Email ID used to register with Ezeego1
    • Booking Reference Number
    • Date of Booking
    • Please mention any other detail that you may require

    Kindly cooperate by providing the necessary details to facilitate redressal of your grievance, at the earliest. Please mail us at

    Kind Regards,
    Pallavi Garud.

    • yeah right. what were you doing all these days huh??? get out of that one room office of yours…learn the meaning of customer service. start by being prompt about it, when the complaint is actually filed.

      • Well, I wasn’t expecting this. It’s good to know that Ezeego1 cares about it’s image if not anything else. It would have been really nice if my Zillion number of online and telephonic requests were taken more seriously earlier. I would furnish you with all the mentioned details and the real issue that’s involved.
        Anyways thanks for noticing my grevience.

  3. Ahaa now the Ezeego One company seems to be more civilised & trying to preserve their business ethics to solve your issue after hearing your criticism in public.I think blogging is a good initiative to rant about one’s problem instead of approaching stone walled customer service & wasting your precious time.

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