New York and the Art of Movie-Making

Unfortunately, I did a grave mistake of watching this movie ‘New York’.  Well, I shouldn’t be so rude I guess. It wasn’t a grave mistake, but I didn’t find the movie to be worth any praise. It’s a typical Hindi movie made in the US. The kind of movie I never enjoy because everything is so inappropriate about these movies. The director doesn’t care a damn to learn anything about the culture of Indian Americans.

New YorkAnyways, let’s talk about the good points of the movie, very rare though. The story line, I mean the overall concept, is excellent. It’s a story that highlights the lives of 1200 Muslim immigrants that were detained in the Guantanamo Bay detention camps. The movie highlights the inhuman torture that those innocent (at least the 1000 eventually vindicated by the US government) detainees detained for their alleged involvement in the 9/11 attacks, and how the torture could result into proliferation of hatred against the US as the chain reaction. Hate against the hatred will never let the hate die. The hate will only increase.

The movie could have been one of the master piece movies ever made, but we need to learn how to put emotions into the dialogues; moreover, how to make the movie appear more realistic. It’s only when the audience starts to feel the movie, it becomes a legend. New York has proved how a great story could be easily killed.

I don’t have much to say about the movie, but a couple of scenes of the movie, certainly, proved that director Kabir Khan watched two of my favorite movies: ‘Crash’ and ‘Rendition’.  

I can only hope that our Bollywood directors learn some art of movie making from Western movies.

~ by pankajsingla9 on June 30, 2009.

8 Responses to “New York and the Art of Movie-Making”

  1. Interesting thought, since it has recieved positive feedback from film critics..however I have heard from fellow cine-goers who have seen the film, tell me that the idea(concept) had not been used to its best advantage.
    I guess I will see for myself…

    • I will not discourage you from watching the movie. The concept is great but has been killed very conveniently. Just don’t go with too many expectations.

  2. Inspite of the bad direction New York has made a huge business. Probably the time has helped as we were all waiting for a big entertainment (release) after a huge gap.

    The concept was truly excellent & the detention part was the only thing that made me feel.I am still cribbing over the black ticket that I purchased (I think I said this somewhere earlier). We are looking for some real good movies, I mean a complete entertaining one.

    • Do you think Indian crowd actually cares about the direction? The movie is made for the masses and it’s a fully commercial movie (a typical one).
      Indian crowd can seriously tolerate anything (just anything). I can only hope that we start making more mature movies someday.

  3. Very few care about the direction.Thats so true we can tolerate anything such as Irfan Khan leading the US FBI agent (undoubtedly he is a good actor) but we wanted some white guy there.How can you expect U.S people to trust an Asian guy or possibly the director didnt wanted to raise any controversy about the story turning into a brown vs white issue.

    • True, oh director probably didn’t think about dat, otherwise he wud luv the controversy. After all that’s how they promote the movies?

  4. Lol …what a coincidence I just read about this in todays HT cafe written by Imran Khan “Controversy sells ……..right????”

  5. See…. everyone loves controversy, esp. the people who know how to make money through that.

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