Even the Beautiful rains can’t invoke the creative side of me

It’s raining so heavily today. Do I hate heavy rains? The answer is both Yes and No. I love rains till the time I don’t get stuck in the middle of the drain water or some car splashes the dirty water right on my face. It’s Saturday so I can afford to sit in my balcony and enjoy the lovely rain. There are very few things in life that are better than watching the rain drops falling on the palm trees. It’s just great to sip Assam team admiring the beautiful rains.

The rain did irritate me a bit today. I couldn’t go to watch Ice Age III because the roads were flooded with water. Another problem is that it becomes virtually impossible to get auto rickshaw or cab during monsoons in Mumbai. But the beauty of the monsoon rains is worth suffering this much trouble.

BTW I made another mistake of watching Kambakht Ishq today; like New York wasn’t enough. I had stopped watching Hindi movies, but some good movies like DevD and Gulaal made me rethink about my decision. I had started feeling really good about Bollywood. But, alas, the feeling couldn’t last any longer.  How can you not stop watching Hindi movies after watching movies like Kambakht Ishq and New York? Both are full of icy dialogues. I felt embarrassed watching these movies.

If there is anything that Bollywood could teach you is to keep patience

~ by pankajsingla9 on July 4, 2009.

7 Responses to “Even the Beautiful rains can’t invoke the creative side of me”

  1. Yes, Devdas was great movie, but I have not seen Gulaal.
    Rains are good and becomes trouble when sewerage conditions are not good. Main point is If your inner weather is good then you like outer weather too, otherwise….
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    • I’ve not seen Devdas. But loved DevD and Gulaal. U shud try these both. nice flicks

  2. Rain… I miss it so much here. You know… it´s never really raining in Lima, and my belorussian soul really needs some rain right now…

    • Hey u shud come over to Mumbai then. It rains like cats and dogs during Monsoons. M sure your would love it here.

      • oye hoye. these rains are perfect for going out and getting wet (and i mean totally soaked. not just wet) in the rains. or playing football. and yes. no carrying cell phones. just carry money so you could sip hot chai or munch into a steamy vadapav while the rains continue to batter the roof with a sweet rhythm…

        just ignore the gutters or small inside roads. it kills the mood. stick to the highways or concrete roads.

        • Hahahaha,,, ya i love the rains. Who cares about the lil inconvenience. This is the time to commemorate these beautiful moments full of freedom and free of guilt. lol

  3. oye sirji…… what is up!! where are the bloody PIKSsssssssss

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