Mr. Lonely

This Saturday doesn’t seem to be ending. Not that I want this weekend to get over, but I am getting bored today. I think I have gotten used to too much fun. Sudarshan was right when he said, “we shouldn’t get used to each other so much.” I guess I am missing all my friends today. Our sweet lil Aunty has gone to a beautiful lake city with the family. Arjun Thapa (Nepali name of KDI) is in Laddakh and Suds is busy as usual. Ananya is busy shopping and so is Jaspreet. Even Abdul has gonne to Kolkatta. Kulajit keeps sleeping all the day. What do I do? SOS………

I am missing all my friends today:(

I’ve become very paranoid about being alone. I need to be with friends all the time. Probably I should get used to stay alone to a certain extent. Not because my friends would care less about me in the future, but just to avoid Today kind of situations.

~ by pankajsingla9 on July 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Mr. Lonely”

  1. hey Mr. Lonely….you’ll surely miss us a lot more in U.S. Now we will have to get used to roamin around n havin fun widout u 🙂

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