Excuse me Sir/Madam! I need to run….

I have always observed one thing that’s very peculiar to most Indians i.e. we are always in some sort of hurry. People are always in a hurry to board the train even if the train has a 30 minutes stop at some place.  Whenever I take a train from New Delhi to my town, I see people trying to board the train without even waiting for the train to stop or others to get off the train. The train has a 30 minutes stop, long enough for a thousand odd people to board the train very peacefully. I can still understand the people trying to rush who are boarding a general compartment because they have to grab the seats, but what the hell is wrong with the people boarding the reserved chair car compartments? Are you under the impression that if you board the train first you’ll reach early? The same thing happens with flights. You have your seat number, there are only limited number of people who’ll be flying, and the flight will take off on time (or late usually). People are in a hurry to board the airport shuttle and are even more desperate to get out of them and board the flight. The desperation becomes intolerable when the flight reaches its destination. People would hardly let the aircraft to stop completely; they just want to stand with their luggage in their hands waiting for the door to open. Why can’t you fuc*ing sit in your seats and wait for the gate to open? What fun do you get by stressing your body uselessly? What will you gain by troubling others while you rush for no reason and for no gain? Why can’t we just relax and get life?

If we are always in a hurry and are always running then we should be producing the most number of athletes in the world. Indians should be claiming all the medals in the Olympics. No we don’t because we never run for the right reasons.

I never see people rushing for the good reason. No government employee (most of them at least) is in a hurry to reach his office; no one is in a hurry to help the people in need,  the politicians are not in any hurry to do anything for the people and the country, no one’s in any hurry for right reasons. That’s precisely why we are still a developing country, still part of the third world, still not a significantly developed market even after being the second biggest population in the world.  

We need to stop running for the wrong reasons and probably start running for the right ones and in the right direction. Maybe we’ll achieve something by doing that or maybe not, but we’ll be running in the right direction at least.

~ by pankajsingla9 on November 5, 2009.

5 Responses to “Excuse me Sir/Madam! I need to run….”

  1. I would like to share this incident-

    I had just landed in Delhi and was seated, while a gentleman next to me got up in a hurry and pulled out his medium sized suitcase from the overhead cabin. Since he was in such a hurry even when the exit gates were shut,he dropped the suitcase on my leg(the one I had recently fractured). All I expected was an apology but guess what he said-” Mam, why are you seated?We have reached Delhi.”

    • Some people never be truly educated; some people will never learn to be polite; some people will never inculcate any civic sense in their children because they themselves don’t believe in these kind of things. People know how to earn money but the Class will always be missing. Some people spend their entire lifetime thinking that they don’t have time and they keep running in vain. Just can’t do anything bout such people. We are an endless supply of over smart fools.

  2. Maybe that was his way of making conversations. Dropping bags and then talking crap. lol. Like those old days jab rumaal fekkar puchte the, madam yeh aapka hain??

  3. ya, dropping a freaking heavy bag on a girl’s leg is never gonna please a girl; that too wen you don’t apologise after doing that. I would rather drop a pen or something near her and both of trying to pick that up, eventually letting the girl pick that up so that i cud start the conversation by thanking her. My God I can’t believe that I wud ever do that though but still better than dropping a freaking bag on her leg.

  4. Pankaj, thanks for the support.

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