Indian Economy and The Enemy Within

As Indian market is opening up and purchasing power of the average Indian consumer is increasing, the economy is bound to grow. The growth of the potentially second biggest market in the world means a lot to the international community. The growth of Indian economy means the growth of world economy. India is already the fourth biggest economy in the world in terms of PPP (purchasing power parity) index. It is predicted to be the second biggest economy in the world in the coming few years. What does it mean to India or to a common Indian man? It means better purchasing power, better standards of living, better food, better infrastructure (although I doubt that), and better society (again disputable).

Well, I am not really interested in the numbers and qualitative measures of the Indian economy. Let me come to the point. As the economy of any nation grows especially when you are poised to become one of the biggest economies in the world, there are certain heightened expectations from that nation. The nation is expected to be a key player in the international decision makings, resolving international conflicts, bringing peace to the international society (although the present dominating economies have already set the bad examples for the future).

The question I am trying to find the answer for is, “Can India do it?” Are we sure that India can be a key player in bringing peace to the world when the nation itself is suffering from chronic internal conflicts?

One of the biggest problems for India is the unrest caused by the Nexalites. This problem is somewhat similar, if not completely, to the one witnessed by West Germany after its partition. Germany definitely had a tough time dealing with it but they did manage to get rid of it. German policy makers (not the government) were smart enough to understand the real reasons of the conflict and determined enough to find the solution. It might not sound very pleasant, but I seriously doubt the intelligence, determination, and integrity of the Indian government and the policy makers; although I do wish that they prove my doubts to be baseless and untrue.

There is another big problem that Indian government doesn’t recognize: some of Indian states dreaming of independence from India or autonomy to the least.

I wouldn’t go into the reasons behind Why these states want independence from India, but it does mean that we have some serious issues with the loyalty of our people towards our own country.

There is another problem that all of us, at least the people who live in metropolitan cities, witness everyday but no one really cares about it: Language related bias.

The great nation of India can boast of being a nation of multiple languages. There are N number of languages and dialects that are being spoken in this country. Some people in our country are so obsessed with their native language that they refuse to speak the national language even if they can perfectly speak, read and write it. The bias or rather hatred against the Hindi speakers is so intense that one could get thrashed up or even killed for merely speaking Hindi in certain parts of our country. And we expect that our fellow Indians can die for our country. Are you kidding me? A nation can never progress if its people can’t learn to appreciate its diversity.

Well, this is definitely not the end of internal conflicts that India has been witnessing and might continue to witness in the future.

The internal conflicts of our country have been hampering our growth and making it difficult for our nation to promise a better life for its own citizens. All these factors really make me doubt how successful will India be in realizing its dream of being on the center stage of world politics to solve the bigger international problems. The unfriendly neighbors only add to the problems that India is facing in realizing this dream.

~ by pankajsingla9 on November 5, 2009.

6 Responses to “Indian Economy and The Enemy Within”

  1. I strongly feel it is disrespectful towards the Nation when you have Indian blood and refuse to speak or understand the National Language.

    • Yes, it is really disgusting how good our people are at disrespecting our nation and its values. Some people don’t even consider themselves to be Indians. I don’t know why would you not like to identify with such a great country. I feel sad for those ignorant people.

  2. Yes I totally agree with you. Internal conflicts is one of the greatest obstacles in our development,once we overcome this hurdle,it’s only then,we can break the shackles of mediocrity.However our political goons have become a thorn by posing a threat to Indian democracy and integrity.

  3. No One wants to understand that. People are just hungry for personal gains and power.

  4. Wow that’s an amazing view.The oceanside beauty is mindblowing.

    In betwn is there any problem with wordpress ? These days I fail to get notification for a reply.

  5. Thanks… unfortunately the header has to be small otherwise the full pic is even better.
    No idea,, maybe some problem with Word press.

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