Why life sucks here…

It’s funny that only a few days after I wrote my post ‘Indian Economy and The Enemy Within’, where I had mentioned that in certain parts of India one could get beaten up for speaking Hindi, Abu Azmi, a senior SP leader, is slapped and manhandled by MNS MLAs for speaking Hindi. But here MNS dared to cross limits of my imagination by miles; they dared to slap Azmi in Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha in front of TV cameras, that too when he was taking his oath.

People, here in Mumbai, snub it as a political stunt. Was it really a political stunt? I don’t think so. Even if it was, are we really going to ignore it by branding it as a mere political stunt? It might be a political stunt for us, but do we ever try to understand the implications of such acts? How can we laugh at it? The answer comes, “because it’s funny”. It’s not funny. It’s not funny anymore. If you think a slap on your Nationality and National values and your constitution is funny, then you just give me a reason to doubt your integrity. This was seen by the world and they laughed at our fates. I couldn’t be more ashamed in my life. The reaction of our impotent people really made me feel ashamed to be part of such a culture, to be part of a society where personal gains are supreme, to be part of a system where one could get away by embarrassing the whole country, to be part of such a country that is full of people who don’t have any vision for this great nation.

They say the only thing that is worse than not having eyes is to have eyes that don’t have any vision. There couldn’t be anything more degrading for a nation than having citizens who refuse to speak it’s National language, who refuse to sing the National song, who put their personal interests in front of the National interests, who fail to recognize the implications of such acts of disgust, who fail to react to a slap to the nation, who fail to be rational, and who fail to respect humanity.

~ by pankajsingla9 on November 12, 2009.

6 Responses to “Why life sucks here…”

  1. Is is strange and I fail to understand the discrimination and segregation when a person speaks his owm National Language. Isn’t it his birth right? And yes, is is definately not funny.

  2. Well these people have not learnt anything from the history. I doubt even if they are educated. Everyone needs to understand that hate politics will affect their own people and the city the most. No one protests against the worst than African countries infrastructure, no one protests that cities like Mumbai flood when it rains and sewage water is all over the streets, no one cares to protest that people live way below the basic human standards. People in this city would just support these morons and not development agendas. Educated illiterates……

  3. that doesn’t change the fact that it IS a political stunt. Most of the treasurers and office bearers in the MNS office in my area are north Indians, shettys and gujratis. Also, the advocate who bailed MNS chief Raj Thackeray was a North Indian. Of course, we need to pick our battles. But this one is just too obvious.

    With regards to the slapping, that’s as far as MNS can go. They are a young party and hungry for recognition. Remember when outsiders in Assam were killed in cold blood. Mumbai has had such fake heroes in the past too. Has it changed mumbai. Bal Thackeray had run a vicious campaign against south Indians in the 1970s. Has that changed anything? The role of MNS is that of a party spoiler. Remember that they have nothing in hand except a few seats. They are still completely dependent on money from Congress leaders on the sly for their existence. This is history repeating itself. Just like Shiv Sena was raised in the 70s to break the trade unions hold. Do you see them in power now? Were they ever a mainstream party except in Maharashtra? This might have been an issue earlier, but this (linguistic) fight has been played out too many times for anyone to believe that it exists. There are just too many non-Marathi speaking people in Mumbai for anyone to oppose. Do you see them targeting Gujaratis, south Indians now? Why? Cos they have money power as well as strength. Are there any less Gujratis and South Indians than before ? No. If they (MNS) really cared they could have targeted these groups too. Why did they target only North Indians? Because they were easy pickings and were ripe targets in view of pending elections. Dividing people on linguistic lines has been Nehru’s original idea and it will take more than just educated illiterates and inconsequential discussions to erase that line that Nehru drew. Castigating people for refusing to believe in something is like saying, Look i think this is important so all of you guys should also think this is important. This is not how it works.

  4. Everyone knows why and how it is happening. Common man is getting affected. These things are political stunts for the time being but these things go on turn into a civil war and the world has seen that. Hindi speaker are being killed in Assam, so look at the condition of Assam now. Do we really want to wait till Mumbai turns into another Assam and development takes back seat? If the linguistic disharmony can disrupt a prosperous state like Assam, Maharashtra and other states are no exception. We don’t want to be another Europe of second world war or Russia. Everything looks like drama now and we might conveniently think that these things are staged, and of course these are. MNS knows it is staged, you know and I know but not many illiterate and poor people. They get influenced and they are the Real BIG in numbers. hardly 5% people understand the reality behind these things, but no one cares a shit to understand the implications of these acts. Its high time that the government and the common people should raise a voice against these acts of cowardness and separatism. No one, not even parties like MNS are going to gain anything out of this, but everyone suffers; unfortunately the country and the common man suffers the most.

  5. Why and how is it happening????What common man has been affected??? Where has linguistic struggle resulted in civil wars??? And in what dire straits is Assam in??? There were riots in mumbai, gujrat and delhi. Did that prevent them from development. Whatever maybe the problem is assam, its not SOLELY due to the killings…. these are broad generalizations about issues that AGAIN are solely at a state level. Who cares if I speak Marathi in Gujurat or not. The point is, the so called opposition to non-marathi language is so minuscule that it will be gobbled up in due course of time. Its only coz its happening in Mumbai that its getting so much coverage and hype that frankly, is not worth it. MNS has never been heard fighting for Marathis in any other city than Mumbai. Now its not possible to divide people on the basis of religion in a city like mumbai. So the other alternative is language based fighting. Forget about world war or Russia.

  6. That’s the biggest problem with our country; initially we think that the problem is too small, and then once it goes out of control we find ourselves helpless. The current situation is not one of those riots that happen once and everything is fine after a few days; this problem is way more grave than it seems to be. It will definitely not stop the Gujaratis or North Indians from coming to Mumbai but international companies do start thinking twice before starting their offices in such cities. Ultimately, Mumbai will suffer. Common man who supports these parties won’t gain anything but has a lot to lose in the long run. Political condition of a city is directly responsible for the development of a city. Look at Calcutta now, why do you think the oldest and once richest city of India is in like 50 years behind rest of the metros? Its again the political condition of that city that is keeping it behind. We definitely don’t want Mumbai to turn into another Calcutta for that reason.

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