IPL Controversy, desperate Pakistan, and opportunistic SRK

I don’t know what the reason was behind IPL snub of Pakistani players. I can totally understand the claims of IPL franchises that it was a business decision. No Pakistani player showed up for the season 2 of IPL due to their frivolous reasons and so called “busy schedule”. Bull Shit! Any businessman is least interested in trying to please any country or at least not Pakistan, against his business interests. PCB and the people of Pakistan need to understand that IPL is a private business venture that has all the right to decide its players. It’s an Indian venture and as a sovereign we have all the right not to select any international player even though it’s based on our whims and fancies.

Why the hell Pakistani people, PCB and their former players are talking about the selection process not being based on merits? It’s not. It’s about business, money and gut feelings. You have no right to force your undisciplined, unthankful and obnoxious players on us. We are not obliged to do that.

Enough has been said and written about this controversy. It’s just funny to see Pakistanis showing their desperation to play in IPL and make moola, and Pakistani people and PCB desperate for participation in an Indian event.

Even if the Government of India influenced the decision of IPL franchises, I don’t see anything wrong in that, especially after considering our relations with our beloved neighbor who is looking for a chance to disturb peace in our country.

IPL controversy is likely to affect everyone except Pakistani government and SRK; in fact both of them are gaining something out of it. Pakistani government couldn’t digest the peace process that India has initiated to build harmonious relationship between the people of both the countries. Pakistan was looking for a chance to divert the world attention from the Indian initiative. What could have been a better chance than the IPL controversy to kill the peace process and divert the world attention from Indian peace initiative to IPL snub of Pak players? This should keep the Indian government busy for some time till Pak comes up with something worse, say a terror attack (after all that’s what they are known for, internationally). Pakistan will always do what they consider (though not actually) to be in their political interest. That’s how desperate and failed nations behave and Pakistan is no exception.

I have never been an SRK fan, in terms of superstar’s acting skills, but I’ve always admired the man as an achiever and for his passion to succeed in life. His views on IPL controversy came uninvited. His own team doesn’t pick up any Paki player but he doesn’t hesitate in blaming other franchises and the Indian government for it. Even if he thinks that there was Indian Government intervention in it, he should keep his trap shut for the sake of his country’s pride and respect. The Swadesh actor has proved that his Pardes was a bigger commercial success. He looks beyond Country, Patriotism, and Cricket, in fact he decides to ignore these things very conveniently for the promotion of his upcoming movie. He’s after all an actor first and his prime focus is the COMMERCIAL success of his upcoming movie with KJO. Remember, Pakistan has just opened itself to the Hindi releases and what could be the better opportunity to please his Pakistani fans and make some extra bucks. Some people don’t really mind licking the balls, even if those balls are of enemy, for few extra bucks. It’s all about money for the superstar, PCB and Pakistani players. That’s what the entire controversy is about. The self-proclaimed Badshah of Bollywood is sure to make money in India. After all, Indian fans are used to forgive traitors and forget about such heinous acts against the pride and honor of our Country.

The controversy just proved that Bollywood and only Bollywood knows how to make the most of a controversy; rest of us are just patriotic fools.

Well, this time I am determined not to donate any money to any movie maker who decides to work with the Indian Traitor. I hope some more people can follow my example and prove to the traitors that Indian people are not ready to take more shit from fake swadeshis.

~ by pankajsingla9 on January 26, 2010.

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  1. awesome post man. it rocked

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