My Japanese is Horrible….

Yea,,, I have been trying my hands on Japanese; naah, m not taking any Japanese language classes, I just learn it from the software and my Japanese friend Tomoyo. She thinks that I can speak really good Japanese and I try to hide it from her. I wish that was the case; I can hardly speak 10 words of Japanese. Oyahoo Gozaimasu (Good Morning) is what I can speak with a perfect Japanese accent. Lol J

Well, I have realized that for most Indians, acquiring the Japanese accent wouldn’t be a big problem since Japanese vowels and consonants have fixed sounds, like most Indian languages. Sigh!

Anyways, I hope I can dedicate myself enough to learn the language. Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu for visiting my blog.

~ by pankajsingla9 on February 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “My Japanese is Horrible….”

  1. Doitashimashte , blog wa totemo omoshiroi (interesting) desukara.Dont be surprised,one of my very close friend is learning Japanese, and fortunately or unfortunately I am being dragged in all the forums,seminars held by the Consulate of Japanese as her guardian.Honestly I get pissed off among those Japanese alike any alien out there.But a friend in need is a friend indeed and see the magic even I have learnt few things.

    In between,have you read Memoirs of geisha, a story of a whore.But completely based on Japanese lifestyle,culture and their tradition,incase if you are interested,it’s indeed a good read.

  2. Oh that’s so cool….. Ya I have seen the movie as well. Geisha women were more of escorts than whores…

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