Bidding adieu to the City of Illusions (MayaNagari)

It’s certain that I am leaving Mumbai on 27th March 2010. I am relocating to Delhi to pursue my career in the field of Law. I have always wished to be a big time legal expert in the field of International Trade Laws and Mergers & Acquisitions. Now is my chance to go after it. Only the time will tell my success story.

I arrived in Mumbai on 17th June 2007 and have been through the tsunami of feelings and emotions. I have disliked and hated Mumbai like no other city in India. I have loved Mumbai and loved coming back to Mumbai from my excursions. I have been through a roller coaster ride of emotions and feelings for this city.

I am relieved that I won’t have to worry about the unrealistically expensive real estate prices, bad bad bad roads, insane traffic on Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri Flyover, Malad Link road, Bandra Linking road, Ghatkopar road, Saki Naka (the most notorious one), and so many other random roads. I would not be subject to the horrible stench of dry fish (no offence dry fish lovers, nothing personal) questions like: why North-Indians can’t live in North itself? Is there no development in Delhi and rest of North (are you kidding me)? How can you not have a middle name? (WTF?) What is your Surname? (Before even asking my first name), and all that stereotypical jazz…

I won’t have to eat some fake food sold as Punjabi. No more eating sweet Shahi-Paneer. Hahahaha,, that was the funniest thing.

But I am gonna miss so many things about this city like:

Vada Pav: you’ll know how yumm it is, if you have eaten an authentic one

Beach holidays on the lovely Konkan Coast

Rejecting all the trekking plans that Sudarshan always keeps coming up with

Marine Drive: one of the most beautiful places to hang out and relax

Bandra BandStand: I have never felt so relaxed anywhere ever before (Caveat: Don’t visit on weekend evenings)

Not Just Jazz by the Bay: The very best of bands play live every Friday and Saturday

Taking a fast local to Churchgate station on weekends and Tibbs Chicken Frankies on the station

Very old Andheri residents telling me that their children work in Mumbai (because they still think that Andheri is not part of Mumbai).

~ by pankajsingla9 on March 9, 2010.

One Response to “Bidding adieu to the City of Illusions (MayaNagari)”

  1. Ohho, I am just in time. So no more Mumbai ranting is it? Okay so we have one more Delhiwala hereafter :))
    All the locations mentioned above are moi best freak out places on weekends including my home town Andheri.

    Anyways all d very best for your future endeavours & keep writing :))))))

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