The Reality Bite of Homosexuality Part-I

I slept the whole evening and night the day I reached San Francisco. It was a freaking 26 hours long flight. I can’t sleep on the flight which made me look like a zombie. I had to sleep like a dead man and that’s precisely what I did. Fortunately, I could get up early in the morning around 9-10 am. I grabbed a cup of black coffee and sat in the balcony of my luxurious corporate apartment. The apartment’s got a lovely view of Embarcadero and the Bay Bridge. Temperature at 25 degrees Celsius was almost perfect for any place; it was sunny and beautiful. I needed to make some phone calls to India, but my Indian phone’s battery was dead. So I needed to charge my phone’s battery to check the phone numbers of my parents and friends. I can’t really remember dates and phone numbers and just any numbers. I needed to charge my laptop battery as well but my Indian style plugs wouldn’t connect to the American style switches. I needed a switch/plug converter. I decided to walk down the market street and find Radio Shack where I could buy this converter. My friends had told me that there was one Radio Shack on the Market Street.

I didn’t have any clue about the roads and streets and what to expect on the street. I walked down the street with the map in my hand, trying to figure out the way out to get to market street and then to Radio Shack eventually. It took me some time to figure out where Davis Street was but rest was easy. BTW I lived in the Davis Street (how dumb).

Anyone could figure out that I was a foreigner; not because of the color of my skin, there are a hell lot of Indians in SF, but because of the surprised and lost look on my face, and how desperately I was reading the road signs with the map in my hand. I was impressed by the cleanliness of the city. I saw couples kissing on the street and that’s normal in most parts of the world; what was not so normal and common in the part of the world where I live i.e. India is people of the same sex kissing each other. I was slightly taken aback by such a loving gesture of the people of alternative lifestyle. Not that I was unaware of the concept of homosexuality or I was not expecting to see it, but because it was for the first time I had seen that happening right in front of me. I was not offended or scandalized by this normal behavior but it was more of a reality bite.

I got used to seeing same sex people kissing on the streets of San Francisco and it was just like any random heterosexual couple kissing on the streets. I got to see and know more about the concept of homosexuality in the city of Harvey Milk. People are more open about their sexuality in SF as compared to Mumbai or Delhi. That’s why it was easier to learn more about this culture which was more of a theoretical concept to me so far.

Once I was invited to go to Castro with my SF colleagues and I was up for it. For the record, Castro is popularly known as the Gay District, it’s slightly offensive to use this popular term though. If you have seen the movie “Milk” then you know this area quite well since Mr. Harvey Milk gained his popularity in this particular area itself. There are a number of gay bars (again, please forgive me for using this word. I don’t mean to offend anyone.). We went to a gay strip club; I forgot the name now. It was a medium sized but nicely furnished, lit in blue light, club. I was slightly apprehensive but so damn excited as we entered the club.

To be continued…………………

~ by pankajsingla9 on March 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Reality Bite of Homosexuality Part-I”

  1. That’s interesting

  2. You are free to express more my writer keeda,,,,,,
    Good that u liked it…

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