Confusion of the Taciturn

I have always been slightly on the reserved side esp. about my personal life and feelings. This leads to people getting the impression of I being shy, innocent, bechara, nice, seedha-saadha etc. and sometimes even uninterested type of a guy. Well I am none of ‘em. I am very straight forward, sometimes even rude, sarcastic, very friendly at the same time, and honest type of a person. Even my parents tell me that I seem un-interested in talking to them every time they call me. I don’t know how I end up giving this impression and I would really like to change it; I have been trying to but I just don’t know what to do about it. This is why I feel that I might never change.

Most of the time I have hundred and one things on my mind and that’s, probably, what keeps me from being social like other; not that I am anti-social but I am definitely not a glib talker. I can go on jabbering for hours about random stuff like cities, night-life, food, hang-outs, social issues, other current affairs and stuff, but I am just not capable of talking about things like relationships, romance, what’s happening in my life, or what I did during the day, or gossiping.

I have been getting complaints from almost everyone that I have stopped talking to them, stopped calling, become very quiet, and all that jazz…  Man,,, I don’t know what to do.. Please give me some tips…

~ by pankajsingla9 on April 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Confusion of the Taciturn”

  1. May I? 🙂

    When your mind is bombarded with several thoughts or stress, it’s natural that loneliness creeps into one’s mind, its an obvious reaction and then u start comparing yourself with others. Just to avoid any kind of arguments or fights, you end up being silent, and so it’s just a phase of life & will vanish with time.
    Give space to yourself, everything will materialise.But make sure dont intentionally avoid or hurt people especially when they are showing *special* concern towards You.

  2. hey,,,
    I guess my mind is bombarded with so many ideas, thoughts and wat not.
    Hopefully I can be more social in the coming future.. lol
    P.S. I never try to hurt anyone intentionally,, but maybe unintentionally i do…

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