Simplest Visa Procedure ever..!!!

SO after the US visa application process, I was under the impression that getting a visa is always gonna be a cumbersome process. I am shitting you not, but it takes around 10 days to process your visa application, submitting fees in an authorized bank,, getting it activated and then fill out the gigantic application form. Funny enough, it wants to give the details if you were ever associated with any terrorist group.. R u kidding me? Do terrorists fill out those details positively? Maybe,, or at least that’s what the embassy thinks. n then a really cumbersome and intense interview preceded by finger prints and what not..

Anyways,, that’s what I thought I would be doing all over again to get my Japanese visa. I was first surprised to see a one page visa application form that doesn’t really ask for any details except name, passport no. and contact details. It took me some time to believe that I was filling out the right form. Then I cross-checked the same with the embassy and was pleasantly surprised to know that it was the right one.

I filled out the form and went to the embassy with only one admission letter and scholarship letter with me. I was under the impression that the embassy would guide me to bring some other documents that I was not sure which ones to get, but to my surprise the girl at the counter took these three documents and my passport and after verifying my name in the list of scholars, she handed me over the acknowledgement receipt and said, “Please collect your passport along with visa tomorrow morning”. To be very frank I couldn’t believe my ears. I asked her again if I should come for any interview/deposit any visa fee or fulfill any more formalities, but the reply was, “No, we are good, Sir”. I went the next day and collected my duly stamped passport. Damn cool… Now that’s what I call express service. Good Job Japan Government and Embassy people! I hope you continue to be so sweet and organized with me throughout my stay in Japan.

~ by pankajsingla9 on July 23, 2010.

8 Responses to “Simplest Visa Procedure ever..!!!”

  1. Good to hear that you got your visa done for Japan. Best of luck.

    I have never been to any country’s embassy other than US. The cumbersomeness and extra details with long wait is very obvious. Every year more than 5 hundred thousand people come to US, out of which there are more than hundred thousand students. when I went to US embassy for my visa interview, I was surpised to see full packed hall and street outside for whole 3 hrs I was there. Surprisingly, I was told that they have same number of peopl every day through out the year for every hour of the day.

    Call it rar race or madness, but every 3 Indian wanna go to US for various reasons. US is responsible for some of it. They pretend to be most powerful and richest country in the world. So ofcourse so many people attracts towrds them.

    Bottom line, the problem we faced for US Visa, in my opinion, is because of large number of applicants without proper reasons and documents.

  2. Ya,, I totally agree..! There were hardly 10 people in Japanese Embassy when I went there and just one counter for Visa applications. They don’t require you to keep your phones outside n other stuff like other busy embassies like US or UK do.. I don’t think their motive is to be racist towards anyone,, just that the number of applicants are gigantic… n they are kinda forced to take these measures to filter the genuine n wannabes,,,,
    But I was pleasantly surprised with the Japanese procedure,, which obviously was due to the less number of applicants and I being a government scholar… They knew that they didn’t need to ask me any questions if their government is already willing to pay for my education.. Good for me and the embassy people 🙂

  3. Even if you get scholarships or anything in US, still you have to go through all procedures. My interview lasted hardly for 5 mins. You will laugh, if I tell what i was asked LOL. But even IITians (Who come here with 100% scholarship) have to do this shit load of procedures, and surprisingly get thier visa rejected few times.

    Thats the best part of US, everyone is treated equally. Best of luck in Japan. I hope you enjoy your time there and still can retain your Indian eyes (as I am assuming u might have surgey to make them small to fit in Japan LOL).

    PS: Ignore pathetic PJ!! 🙂

  4. おめでとうございます。希望はそこに楽しい時を過す

  5. Thanks for the wishes mywriter keeda…

  6. Nihon no seifu wa Indo yori donna koto de mo ii desu kara, daijyobu desu yo. Visa tho ka do ka mo nihon de benri desu. Ittarashai..

  7. Now google can’t translate this one… lol

  8. Lol Now lets talk in english. When you reach Japan ask someone to translate for you ,will wait for your reply til then 😉 🙂
    Betwn if you face any language barriers do contact me provided you blog on regular basis, conditions apply 🙂

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