Damn,, It’s been a while

It’s actually been more than a while since I sat down and wrote something on blog. Priya’s blog gave me inspiration to keep writing. Well… I had my first exam in Japan today; I mean the one that gets counted towards my credits. It went okay… I loved attending this INTENSIVE Class, mainly because I could learn so much stuff even though I had to work my ass off for 10 days. Attending classes for 5 hours a day wasn’t easy, esp. when you have to go back home and go through 3 chapters and do research in order to presentable enough in the next class, in terms of class participation. They do count 30% towards your class participation and I do feel I did way better in that than what I did in written exam.

Anyways, now I just have a presentation tomorrow and a free day on Thursday, and just one more class on Friday and my F*%king favorite weekend. This weekend is super special for me since I didn’t really experience the previous one. I attended 3 classes on Saturday and 3 on Sunday,, so ya it sucked…

Well,, Hope the presentation goes well,, mainly in terms of time management and after that Party..!!! Because M AWESOME..!!!


~ by pankajsingla9 on November 16, 2010.

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