The Ugly Fight between Congress and BJP

One is pseudo secular party and the other is attempting to be secular but gets its ideologies confused every time it makes a serious attempt to do that. The war of words between the main two political parties in India is bringing shame to India and affecting it’s image world wide. How far will Congress go to achieve it’s political motives? How much damage to the common man’s beliefs, confidence, morals, values and life these political parties have to cause in order to satisfy their own political motives? The behavior of Congress party in the recent few weeks have made me believe that they won’t think twice to sell the lives of common Indians in order to satisfy their never ending hunger for power. When it comes to selling the image and future of this great nation, who else can perform that task better than the family that has been responsible for ruining the past of this country? I don’t want to make a point here that the Congress proclaimed radical party of India is any better for our country; I am just thoroughly disgusted and ashamed at the current political affairs of my great nation.

I am a proud Indian and will always be. I am proud of the great heritage, tradition, cultural and linguistic diversity of my country. The people in India know the life like no one else in this world. We are one of the very few civilisations in the world that are capable of feeling life and priortising emotions over any other materialistic thing on earth.

The great nation of a billion plus people is truly great because it has the capacity to absorb sorrow, pain and wars. It has always been like this and a mere glimpse of any history book will support this claim. But my question is, ’till how long?’ How much more do we need to see; how much more do we need to tolerate? The ruling party and of course all the other parties as well just care about their greed for power and personal gains. I just want to live peacefully in my country and I don’t think if I am asking for too much from the rulers of this great nation. Please stop dividing us; please stop killing us on the name of religion, caste, creed and colour. We have had enough.

~ by pankajsingla9 on December 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Ugly Fight between Congress and BJP”

  1. Good to see you blogging after ages….Waise Bad mouthing is essence of politics and now India is declared to be the top scam countries in the world. The entire credit goes to citizens for not voting as and when required, and then land up with a wrong representative ruling d nation

    Well i just hopped on your blog to find some interesting updates on Japanese culture, Grhhhh to my disappointment 😉

    Anyways wishing you a happy prosperous new year in advance 🙂

    • That’s right… Politicos in our country have auctioned their ethics after raping them, if they ever had any..

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