Shark Shopping Saturday

Went to the Fukuoka Fish Market in the morning this Saturday and it was totally worth it. It was Maryka’s idea to visit the fish market since it’s not open to public in general except on special days. I, usually, don’t like visiting fish markets and the very obvious reason is because the strong fish stench is intolerable. Fukuoka fish market is unique in the sense it has the variety of sea food that can be seen almost in no other fish markets; Sharks on sale is what was the main attraction. I didn’t even know one could buy a shark till I came to Japan. I saw Japanese parents bringing their small kids to the market; I guess, they just want their children to learn about Japanese sea food culture and the way of Japanese life. I saw small kids tasting the raw Octopus and approving of the taste before their parents made the decision to buy a particular Octopus.  It was a fun trip with friends and these kinds of small moments make the life in Japan memorable.

~ by pankajsingla9 on January 9, 2011.

One Response to “Shark Shopping Saturday”

  1. So did u buy any fish.. or just a bite of the poor shark in the picture? .. ghor kalyug…

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