Sendei Tsunami and New Heights of Shamelessness by International Media

It was an unfortunate day as the massive tsunami caused by biggest earthquake in 140 years hit the North East region of Japan. Japan is not new to earth-quakes as more than a 1000 earthquakes hit Japan every year, which would mean 3 earthquakes on an average everyday. Japan can take earthquakes easily and no damage is ever done to the infrastructure. However, this one was big even for Japan. The damaged nuclear power plant added to the injury and pain. However, the biggest enemy seemed to be international media; they left no stone unturned to scare the shit out of the world. I always thought Indian media was out of their mind but this time it was everyone.

Christmas came early for AAJ TAK and INDIA TV as the nature wreaked ruins on Japan. International media also sold the reputation and soul of Japan to make some moolah in this time of crisis. Thanks to the media half of the international students and other expats had to go back home as the parents and relatives freaked out thinking the whole of Japan was contaminated and polluted with radiation from the Fukushima power plant.

Media needs to understand their role in the society; they need to understand that they are not an entertainment channel but a mirror to the society. Their concern for Japan was not genuine and if they had one, they would help Japan in this time of crisis than inflicting more pain and injuries to it. From calling Tokyo a ‘ghost town’ to the self generated advisories like ‘leave Japan while you still have time’ to ‘Japan has one more day left’ while sitting in their swanky offices abroad, British media, along with media companies of Eastern Europe sold the very spirit of media and mankind just for a few extra bucks. I can proudly say,”Shame on you, International MEDIA.”






~ by pankajsingla9 on March 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Sendei Tsunami and New Heights of Shamelessness by International Media”

  1. Seems like there is a Tsunami on your blog too 😉

  2. lol

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