MakeMyTrip.Com has the worst Customer Care? Well, so far!

I have been booking my flight and train tickets online for a long time now. I find it one of the most convenient ways to arrange your travel without having to visit that Agent’s office anymore or standing in those humongous queues outside the Railway Stations/Air India offices. Online booking is just way too convenient and I am way to lazy to run around to book a ticket. I mean, you are paying money to travel and wasting your time running around to book your ticket is not the premium you want to add to the price.

However, there are some travel portals that are just too classy for their own good and love to operate the traditional style. I mean, what’s the fun in booking your flight ticket from the comfort of your air-conditioned room with the help of the technology that is meant to add to the comfort of human beings? What a Nut! People flying in Economy Class are a “Cattle Class” anyways. Wouldn’t you Agree? Well, couldn’t agree more with that. They don’t just agree with this statement but they also make every effort in their reasonable powers to help their customers getting used to the “Cattle Class” even before boarding the flight. So much is their Customer Care team dedicated to cause that they give you the “Inconvenience Trial” at the time of canceling your flight ticket as well. Well, sometimes they are kind enough to extend that trial into a full movie. After all, their motto is to provide you with “memories unlimited”. Eh?

I have never waited for more than 30-40 minutes in the notoriously long queues outside our Sarkari Railway Reservation Centers to book my train ticket; but MakeMyTrip’s Customer Care was adamant on extending their services to facilitate an online queue of more than 2 hours to keep me waiting just to connect with the so called “Mother F^%*ing Concerned Person” who would be kind enough to cancel my flight ticket by deducting half the price of my ‘Refundable’ ticket in the name of the Airline (of course) in another 30 minutes. Of course, the confirmation of which would reach me after 30 hours; who cares about the promise of the “within 24 hours confirmation”? Stop Dreaming, Sir! This ain’t No Sarkari Office; We are the Private Babus.

Oh before I forget, they, I mean our The Forever Classy, have successfully introduced the “Retro” theme for cancellation of international flight tickets. Oh ya, you heard it right; the special retro package allows you to Not Being Able to Cancel Your International Flight Tickets Online without contacting their Warm and Friendly Customer Care either through Phone or Chat. How could they let you off the hook without having a li’l (oh no, not being sarcastic, just 2 hours!) chit-chat? No Sir, please allow us the opportunity to help you with the experience of a lifetime. Of course, it is an experience of a lifetime because you dare not forget it or have the courage to repeat it.

Well, what more can I say about our friends at MakeMyTrip? They were just awesome enough to send me their feedback form exactly after one week (industry standard is ‘right after’ contacting the Customer Care). Well, do they care about your feedback? They would have closed down the company by now if they did. Well, some would say, “they did close down their Customer Care Centers, didn’t they?” Well, I was going to re-book my flight ticket from Osaka to New Delhi through them but, unfortunately for them, I was not dumb enough to use them again. Alas! Back to my usual favourite ClearTrip.

P.S. Still waiting for the “Call Back within 24 Hours” from your senior staff as promised by “Asha Rana” at 08:50:12 AM IST on 11-October-2011.

Please feel free to nominate your candidate for the Annual Award of “Worst Customer Care Service Providers” Or should we call it the “Classical Customer Care Awards”?

~ by pankajsingla9 on October 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “MakeMyTrip.Com has the worst Customer Care? Well, so far!”

  1. This company does not provide refund at all. This is a totally fraud company with the motive of robbing people. Their executives have no knowledge about anything, they are not bothered and they completely rip you off everything. I would never book through this and guys please dont ever use makemytrip if you want to have a smooth holiday. I am gonna write on social websites and print media as much as i can, so even you support me and let this company not rip any more innocent people.

  2. They are the worst, aren’t they?

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